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Dancing & fibro
4 Replies
LP990 - January 13

I was diagnosed with fibromyalgia only a few days ago. I've had the joint and muscle pain for years and no one knew what was wrong. Anyway, I recently got into theatre and in the past months (I think it's due to a very stressful situation at home and the change of the weather) my pain and fatigue have been getting worse. Every week when I go to my theatre class my body hurts for +/- the 4 days after that. Though I love theatre and dancing, I don't look forward to the next class because I know it's going to hurt a lot and in the past weeks I've woken up almost every morning feeling like I've been hit by a car. The problem is that I also have ADHD and this class is important for me to get into more social situations (I'm on social security). I know exercise is good for people with fibromyalgia, but I wonder if this class is good for me.

Are there any dancers/performers on here with fibromyalgia? Is it doable? What's your experience with it? Should I try to ignore the pain (I'm not on meds yet), or should I quit and try something else? Any tips are welcome! Thanks!


Jocelyn - April 17

I'm sorry to say, you didn't have any responses to your question. I think the reason is, dancing is painful for people with Fibro. Even simple exercises are painful and one can stay in pain for days after doing small things.

How are you doing?


mrussell - July 10

I used to dance too for years: did ballet, jazz, modern" Afro Caribbean and salsa. Unfortunately I had to stop as most were too taxing. I still sals from time to time when I am not in a flair


KikiK - August 14

I am not a dancer yet I enjoy dancing and have not danced since the intense pain experienced afterwards a year ago. I doubt there are many dancers currently with FMS out there. It is important to get exercise in increments as the body needs exercise. Putting out fast spurts of energy as with dancing or running or jumping rapidly depletes the cells of the energy that you may not have in reserve, thus, creating the pain. You may know that the cells are depleted of the necessary oxygen and ATP (energy of the cell)and any disturbance in sleep further makes this worse as that is when the body repairs itself. My suggestion, would be to try something else for exercise and the social aspect. Great forms of exercise for fibromyalgia are walking, biking, water exercise, yoga...more gentle and you can listen to your body. Once the body overdoes, you will experience the pain later. With these forms of exercise, you can regulate that and can slowly build. It is working for me.


annasue - September 26

I am a dancer. I do lindy hop/swing. I danced before I got sick and was diagnosed with fibro. before I was sick I could dance with everyone, without limits, after I got sick I was still able to dance, but I had to change how I danced. There are people I know I can't dance with because they are too rough or they squeeze my hands etc and it can be very painful. however I mostly dance with my husband who knows what hurts me and is really good at knowing my limits. Before I dance with someone new, I watch them dance with someone else and I can usually get a good idea if they are "safe" to dance with. if they do hurt me, I ask once to be more relaxed or whatever and if they can't or don't I excuse myself from the song/dance. Most leads are very nice and are happy to accommodate :) I had to change how i danced and sometimes i wish i could do more, but I'm so thankful that i can dance! it brings me so much joy! i lost a lot when I got sick, but dance was one thing I absolutely didn't want to loose! don't give up, you just need to find some way to make it work for your body. maybe you need to find a different dance class, one that isn't as demanding or try and see if you could take shorter, private lessons that won't give you such a flare up? ask your instructor if there is anything they can do to help you, maybe stretches that can help minimize pain when your dancing, etc! don't give up yet, there are things you can try first before you give it up completely.



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