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Do you have joint pains ?
13 Replies
suzan07 - January 11

Iam suffering with tremendous joint points,including muscle pains.I'm also suffering with headache,weight loss and also sleepless nights.But I have knee joint pains as well as shoulder joint pains.
Anybody please tell me am I suffering with arthritis.
Thank You.


draculina - January 28

Sounds more life Fibro cause I've experienced the same thing. Not weight loss or headaches. Every joint in my body hurts. Especially with movement. My feet and ankles hurt alot along with my hip joints, knees, and arm joints and neck. Most fibro patients have some form of arthritis.

Have a rhuematologist check you out. I was sent for a body bone scan to rule out arthritis and osteo arthritis. They found just the beginning of osteo arthritis in my right shoulder joint. The also sent me for blood work to rule out rhuematoid arthritis and HIV and Hepetitis C, and Lyme disease which mimic the same symptoms. If everything comes back negative, then they rule you have Fibromyalgia.

I was diagnosed last May. I've come up with a plan to help me cope and feel better. I don't like to take alot of meds. I've been doing low impact aerobics 3 times a week. Twenty minutes is all I do. No more than that because it will make me achy the next day. Yoga on alternating days. Hatha Yoga by Denise Austin 20 minutes only. Sometimes I'll swap for 20 minutes of Denise Austin Pilates workout. No more than 20 minutes.

Minimize the stress level at home and work. Say no to people when you don't feel up to it. On weekends, a take an hour nap. Weekdays I can't cause I work fulltime. I take L-tyrosine 500 mil a day to up the dopamine in my brain to decrease pain. I also when needed take Aleve 2 in the morning and 2 at night when I can't stand the pain. I also take Lexapro 10 mg once a day for seratonin. Everyone is different so you have to try different things. Hot showers and hot rice sock helps. For sleeping I take one tylenol PM everynight, cause I cannot get good deep sleep without it. I've tried melatonin but it doesn't work for me.

I've wanted to try massage therapy, but I would have to pay out of pocket and it can get expensive.

Hope this helps.



conniehurts - September 23

I cant think of a part of my body that doesn't hurt bag including muscles, joints, skin, hair, head, abdomen etc, etc, etc. I know I have Fibro and Reynauds but wondering if I am getting some form of arthritis cuz I have 2 fingers that are suddenly refusing to straighten all the way, the joints are swollen and hurt. That is on the hand that I spent 18 weeks or more with zero use of because it was dead from the wrist down. I know fibro and do some crazy stuff to your body but if you have a good dr it might not hurt to get checked for arthritis. Good luck, gentle hugs and Peace Connie


axxie - November 18

I have the same pain, part of it is fibro but age will creep up on you and if you have gain weight then partly its pain from the weight gain. I have FMS and have osteo arthritis, I have been on every pain pill under the sun, and what works for me is getting rid of the inflammation, if this is your problem, then try Red Krill, you will need 1800 mg a day you take it with food. You are probably thinking great another thing I should try, I actually found it by accident. When I started doing research on Krill found that if I up my dosage to 1800mg a day, the inflammation has reduced to almost nil. You will still feel some pain, but ibuprofen will take care of the pain. As for the fibro pain, well it's partly your stress is like and what you eat and if you can sleep.
Hope this helps


axxie - November 18

Fingers that don't want to straighten up, maybe it's rheumatoid arthritis, could also be Peripheral vascular disease


conniehurts - November 19

That is my thought. I have previously had blood tests that don't show any arthritis. But I think it was you, may have been January, things aren't normal and dr says they are fine so you never know. I have noticed that a lot myself! Gentle hugs and peace Connie


axxie - November 25

Connie, your fingers maybe what you have is: called a clinodactyly. Which is just a big word meaning "curved finger". It most commonly occurs in the small finger, but can occur in any digit. In a finger with a very sharp curvature, it is always concerning that the patient might have a deformity called a "delta" phalanx. This is where one of the phalanges (finger bones) is shaped like a triangle (a delta) rather than a rectangle. This can be a sign of a deformity in the growth plate of that phalanx. Clinodactyly is a condition where the finger curves from side to side.

There is also a condition called camptodactyly, which just means "bent finger". In this condition, the finger is flexed down more than usual. Again, this is most common in the small finger.)

But, sometimes a curve, is just a curve. Many people have a slightly curved finger. As long as the patient has no problems with the digit, it is nothing to worry about, nothing that needs to be treated.

Also, your small finger is actually very normal. The human hand normally has what is called a cascade of the fingers. If a line is drawn through the fingernails and continued on out, if the fingers are flexed down loosely (like making a loose fist) these lines would travel though the base of the thumb (where a bone called the scaphoid lives). So, again, it is normal for the small finger to curve inward more than the index finger.

Again, as long as you do not have any problems making a fist or using your hands in any way, there is nothing wrong with them, nothing that needs to be treated.

If you Google "natural cascade of the fingers" you should be able to get a picture from a textbook, which will show the natural way the fingers curve.

In hand surgery, it is taught that the function of the fingers is most important, not how they look. No hand surgeon will do surgery on the fingers, which is totally cosmetic in nature. You never want to jeopardize the function of a hand, to make them look a little better.

However, if you concerned about your hands, make an appointment with a hand surgeon for an evaluation.

Good luck.


axxie - November 25

susan07, looks like you need a rheumy, the weight loss, could be your thyroid, you will need to get that checked pronto. You may also have fibro, but right now the plan would be to get checked with your gp, if you have arthritis, then for sure you will feel pain, the knees and hips and back pain, are usually related to arthritis and joint inflammation, two things you should look at is taking Red Krill 1,000mg take three a day all at the same time, it takes away the inflammation, the second is ibuprofen start with 250mg X2 at every meal, if that doesn't do anything then up the mg until you find what is comfortable, don't want to take ibuprofen then look for Aleve it works, just two a day they say, I have tried it and it work for my pain. You may want to get proper shoes that lace up and get yourself a good pair of arch support I recommend Birkenstock ones, unless you have insurance and can get them done specifically done for your feet.
I too suffer from all except the weight loss, and trying different medication on shelf until you see a rheumy. Your rheumy would be able to prescribe medication most suited for your condition. Good luck


conniehurts - November 25

Hi Axxie, The problem with my fingers is new. I cannot straighten them on the right hand like I can on the right. The joint closest to the nail on m ring finger has become flattened and darker in color. I cannot make a fist most of the time. I don't want to see a hand surgeon since as their name states they want to start with surgery :-( I don't want to be cut on any more. I hope to find a way to help make the problems less without surgery. One dr says cut , another says, drugs, another says nothing can be done. Who do you believe? I keep those fingers moving as much as possible and wear a glove that you wear for doing beading, knitting or other hand work. That seems to help the swelling. I doubt there is an answer but posted hoping that someone else has the same symptoms and we can compare notes. Gentle hugs and Peace Connie


axxie - November 29

Have you tried physiotherapy, or chiropractor it may help. I go see my physio and he does acupuncture that helps me more than everything combine.


conniehurts - November 29

Chiropractor doesn't help and acupuncture just leaves sores where ever I have been stuck, sigh. I do use some acupressure that helps some of the time for a few symptoms.


Lois - January 14

I am 71 years old and hurt like hell. I have had FM for 20 years and and now osteoarthritis. I had 2 knee replacements in the span of about 4 years. The stupid first doctor put in replacment that was too big for my knee. Then I went to a first[-rate doc and he redid the replacement but my knee still hurs a lot and is always swollen. I too hurt all over and have a constant headache and tight muscles. I can't exercise much. Lois


amber12me - July 23

Hello, I am new to this forum. Well I know about the foods which consumed can reduce joints pain, like extra virgin olive oil, salmon, red peppers, cherries, walnuts, kale ,soy


Arnoldsi - July 6

It might help narrow it down if you test the tendons around your joints. For example, I was having a lot of trouble with my knees until I realized it wasn't the joints as much as the tendons around the joint. After physical therapy (painful, but ultimately well worth it) most of the pain is gone except for when I overdo it or the weather causes joint pain.



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