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exercise during flare up
10 Replies
meltingavocado - April 19

hi. so lately i've been exercising daily (alternating between yoga, biking, and elliptical machine), and more than i previously thought i was capable of (e.g. i biked seven miles yesterday and felt fine the whole time). it has helped SO MUCH, i've been pretty much pain free since i started my regimen a month ago, and my energy levels are great. However, last night I had horrible insomnia, and today i'm definitely having a flareup, with pain all over and really bad fog. i don't think it was induced by the exercise, I think it has more to do with the fact that I ate ice cream last night, after avoiding dairy and sugar for a couple weeks. Should I still push through and exercise? I usually feel better if I do, but haven't had a flareup this bad in a while. Should I just go on a quick walk? Or should I lay in bed and watch TV and try to sleep (which is what I really want to do)?


bmcgovern - April 21

I really enjoy exercising to. It really does help with the energy levels and overall health. When i am in a flare up i can not exercise. I usually don't have energy and feel like crap. I have exercised before when i had a flare up and it made me feel worse. In my opinion i think you should take it easy during the flare up and exercise once your body calms down. I have had those nights to where i eat something i am not supposed to and it takes a couple days for my body to get back to somewhat normal. Good luck and i hope you start feeling better soon. :)


Canada17 - April 21

If exercising makes you feel better then I say do a little and see what happens.

You are so lucky, I do five minutes of light exercise and for the next five days I feel like I did five hours of hard core working out. And I'm talking like five reps of weights with no weight, just lifting my arms and legs. It's a real bummer.


mimosette - June 9

If I am in a mild flare, mild exercise does help with the pain. Mild as in a 1/2- 1 mile walk. Not power walk, just a walk.Flat terrain.

I have been working very hard to exercise , so I'm doing a lot of hiking,swimming, and walking (hour at a time, at least 3-4 times a week), and I can tell a huge difference in how I feel.


OkChick - August 5

I have a degree in Exercise Physiology & was a personal trainer & competitive body builder before I got fibro. So, I can relate to everyone's frustration here with not being able to exercise like you used to. It is a bummer. I went from being able to lift almost as much weight in the gym as some men, to barely being able to even fast walk for 10 minutes without totally giving out & having to sit or lie down. And the soreness from a very light weight training session! It can last 5-7 days!

I don't exercise during a flare because it always extends it & makes it worse. I never seem to be able to do enough to matter anyway. I tucker out pretty quickly on those days. But, everyone's different. I think you should do all you can, but be kind to your body. Don't put too much expectation on yourself to work out a certain number of days, etc. It's not worth it, & may begin to make your bad days worse or happen more often. Just some random thoughts here. Hopefully you will find just what works for you.
Take care


mimosette - August 12


I used to be very into body building, and loved it. (this was in the mid 90s)

My drs have said ABSOLUTELY NO WEIGHT TRAINING OF ANY FORM, ever again. Which makes me sad.

They do approve of yoga , which made no sense to me, as some yoga poses are definitely weight bearing .

What do you think of light weight training? Even maybe with stretchy elastic bands? I'd love to get back some muscle tone.


Marilyn - September 4

I don't know, man. SOMETIMES exercising (walking for me) will help. And I'm SUPPOSED to walk or do cardio build-up because I'm also a cardiac patient. I'm strictly a fair-weather bicycler, which means I'll bike only when it's 75 to 90 degrees.

But with time it seems that walking is irritating my condition rather than helping.

Used to do yoga from fall-thru-spring but even that eventually got sporadic because of flare-ups.

Very frustrating.


dmilly1234 - October 12

Hi everyone, it is my first time on here. I was diagnosed with fibromyalgia in May this year, I am 53 year old female. I was diagnosed by a Rheumologist and been seeing a physiotherapist and a Yoga therapist. I have been following their exercise programmes for four months now but am getting flare ups more often lately, not sure if due to the step ups am doing, or just generally from all the different exercises that have been set, they take me 30 mins to do each day, I have to use dumb bells and do push ups against a wall, leg lifts against the wall, to work hips etc, lots of stretching exercises during yoga. I do feel better normalls afterwards and happier but had insomnia last night and was exhausted yesterday, so slept for 2 hours! Which didn't help! I have a toy poodle which I normally walk for 30 mins on top, then there is housework. I don't work, as I left my job as an administrator five years ago, due to stress which aggravated my IBS, which is being controlled via a Fodmap diet. For the first time in four months I have not done my exercises today! I sometimes leave yoga out, if don't have time but normally do physio, I feel guilty and am worried could stiffen up more, I just don't have the energy to do them today, should I do a couple, or just have a break today? Can't even face taking out my fur baby, or see my friend. So frustrating, fortunately I am a published poet and I find my creative interests do take my mind of the pain, I enjoy music and photography too. X


simonne42 - November 3

I do the same thing, all is good for awhile and then I drink a soda after a month goes by or have ice cream for a couple weeks and my body pays the price because I wanted to eat something that I shouldn't. However, keep exorcising, it helps so much and it sounds like it has really benefited for you. What I find that is that when I stop being active and at night that is when my body feels it... I am very very active since I work so many hours in my week, I try to keep yoga in my week to do, the gym I like to sit in the hot room and sweat and relax my muscles... it is the food I eat that makes it worse or if I over do it sometimes I pay for that too. I wish there were pain patches out there that actually worked for me.... stress has been my number one problem to all the solutions I have been trying, but until I can retire from work, I keep on going with what I can find as temporary help with wishes to you


dmilly1234 - November 3

Hi Simmone42, have you tried the Fodmap diet for your IBS? I have been on it for three years, it really works! It is basically an elimination diet, check it out on Google. You need to try to stick to all the foods on the low Fodmap list for 6 to 8 weeks, then introduce one of the high Fodmap, for still intolerant to that, then you eliminate it from your diet permanently. Give it a go, I am completely gf now, it hasmade so much difference, do need to check packaging on food but worth it, I can't eat onions, citrus fruits etc. I have found by not doing my exercises every day, I am having a lot less flare ups! Staying positive also helps, as on my low days I am a lot worse. So need to keep myself occupied more! Love and hugs your way xx


simonne42 - November 3

Thank you dmilly1234, I have not heard of fodmap but very interested and I will google. I find good has been a struggle but so willing to try new things. And yes staying occupied and busy helps lol. Take care



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