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21 Replies
jozet70x7 - May 19



linda brown - September 25

i really don't think you would. please get a lawyer. my lawyer has asked the judge to do a on the record review, because she knows i have a very good case with documentation from all the docs, that's very important. good luck


eXcelon - June 6

Get some sort of representation. go to Allsup Inc. online and see if they will represent you. They'll handle EVERYTHING. Take care.


ibritz - September 22

I've recently started the process with Allsup. Not only to they handle everything they don't charge a fee unless you are awarded SSDI. They won't take your case if they don't think you will be awarded, Their success rate is like 97%, if they take your case.


Fantod - November 10

I agree with eXcelon - go to Allsup. Afriend of mine went through them and they had her disablity claim sorted out in six months. Take care.


Sonja44 - November 27

Wow, six months? I have a disability lawyer and its been 1 and a half years...still waiting. Sonja44


Fantod - November 28

Yes, six months. I was astounded too as I am well aware most people wait years to get disability. Allsup really seems to have a handle on getting the process completed in a timely manner. She had very few problems with them. Based on her experience, I'd say they are the people to contact about obtaining disability.


jadiegirlcat - December 16

How does one qualify for disability? I've been working part time jobs for 2 years - substitute teaching. I moved from Indiana to Wisconsin and I'm terribly miserable from the weather. My rheumy said this state has a ton of FMS people. I had worked full time in Indiana as a teacher but took many sick days. Just curious about how one qualifies.


Sonja44 - February 18

Have your doc order a "Functional Capacity Test" given (usually) by a Physical Therapist. It's a 2 day test and it sucks...but it is very good documentation to have for your lawyer.


axxie - March 9

So tomorrow afternoon I get to meet with another doctor for a second opinion. The first doctor did not mention anything about my fibro, he just thought I should be able to return to work. This one I hope will mention my fibro and see if they will accept me. I know they have accepted people who have fibro the insurance seem to have no problems with men getting their disability, but feel we women are at a disadvantage. What's up with that?


cpgoofy16 - May 17

I am going through Allsup Inc and they are WONDERFUL! They handle everything! I feel so relieved as I was denied the first time around and felt like a complete loser - but at the same time I did not know I have Fibromyalgia. I just learned that I have FMS. I called Allsup and they did a phone interview and accepted me. I send them the documents they request and they take care of everything.
I will let you all know how long it takes if I get approved.


amber5 - September 16

How old do you have to be to get Disability in your own name? I have Psoriatic Athritis, and have recently been diagnosed with Fibromyalgia. I already get diability for my Athritis but i was wondering if it would change now that i have Fibromyalgia too, at only 17. My disability goes to my mom at the moment. Do i have to wait until im 18? or if im on my own can i not get it in my name? i dont know how else to find anything out... please any reply would be greatly appreciated! Thanks


Fantod - September 16

amber5 - Google "social security administration" to find the website. Or you can call 1-800-772-1213 7AM to 7 PM to speak to a representative. Take care.


barbiedoll - October 11

My father has applied for Disability twice, and been refused so he has gave up, he also has ME any suggestions would be welcome thank you.


Fantod - October 11

barbiedoll - You can find Allsup online. Fill out the contact form and they will call your Dad to set up an interview time. Allsup has a 98% success rate. The interveiw doesn't take long. If they accept him, it should only take about 6 months to get Social Security Disability. They take 25% of the back pay or nothing if they are not sucessful. Allsup does all of the paperwork and they are terrific to deal with. Good luck.


lorieholtz - October 25

i tried 2x on my own and gave them all the info they requested, but denied. so i too go a lawyer and gave him my took us about 1yr to get to court and when we did i was told it would take up to 3 mos to hear back from the judge. the most unusual thing happened and my atty was quite surprised.... he awarded it to me on that very day. i was very lucky, but the sad part was that the atty didn't do anything different then i had and so i had to give him a percentage of my back pay. don't get me wrong i'm very grateful but its a shame that they will only listen when an atty is involved.


lorieholtz - October 25

sonja44 have u tried bugging ur atty about that cause that is really too long. sometimes u have to give them a push in their butt lol...lorie



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