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HELP I need all the information and treatment of this disease in laman's term's
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Christine - September 16

This disease I have been diagnosed with is destroing my life. I almost lost my boyfriend over it. And besides medication from my pane clinic I don't remember what I should do?????????????????????/


Stephanie - September 16

Hi Christine, I am new to this forum. I submitted a couple of questions but didn't get an answer yet so this is really my first time responding. I hear desperation in your voice so I want to try and help if I can. I just ordered a product called Activive that I am going to try. You might want to try it. It is supposed to contain only natural ingredients. Due to my health issues and wanting to really help others, I plan on trying to go to school for natural medicine. There are many different natural remedies. This seems like a great site to seek information, including alternative therapies. I know exercise seems to help me. The website for Activive is At the top, type in fibromyalgia. God Bless


AmberRose - October 1

do some reading and write down stuff , i started doign that and it helps i can quickly check to see what i want to remember and it goes for stuff besides info about fibro....ill write on my hands what i want at the corner store or i go in and get soemthing i didn't even want! I would assume you have fibro fog and thats why you dont remember! go to your doctor and see what they say... i started taking vitamins omega 3, b12 and vitamin c , i know the omega acids are supposed to help with the fog...its the same stuff you get from fish but no one in my family likes seafood but me so i went and got some vitamins...only been on them 3 days though so not sure how its going. You should get your boyfriend to go to the doctor with you so he can understand more that it is an illness and you need support. Good luck i know how you feel its a crappy illness to have!
plus when peopel want to know more about the problem i tell them to research and beg thier pardon but i dont ahve a great memory . peopel understand that better than if you were to say i have fibro fog


Virg - October 1

Hi Christine, Maybe it's best to break down to a list of how its destroying your life. First you may have to cutback on a lot of your workstuff to a degree that you could manage it. Let go or omit any stressers in your life. Learn as much as
you can about Fibro. Be supportive of the support systems you have (family, boyfriend, friends) ask away on this forum. it helps.


honora2929 - October 11

Exercise is paramount but not so much it hurts a gentle increase o weekly basis.Get enough sleep dont put your body under too much strain ie if you are watching tv look straight at it do not twist.Also if you are in a flare up take your pain med to the clock ie every 4 hours.I have had fibro for 30 years ,i was 18 when i started with it so i know what i am talking about.Hpe this helps xHonora


honora2929 - October 11

Christine they say that if you can keep your diet alkaline this helps i have bought the book and it is mainly vegatarian diet and no fruit as far as i can see at the moment.Also it is really important that you keep stress as down as possible also if have to work look at comfort and getting up and walking about.I know the desperation that you feel i have been there and its not easy but you will learn to cope in time and lets pray that youwill be one of the lucky few who have it for a short while,please God it will be so love Honora x


Donna Wilson - February 22

Christine, You need to go to the nearest bookstore and get some books on fibromyalgia. There are things you can do to improve your life. Educate yourself and talk to your doctor about medications. I agree with honora 2929 that exercise is paramount. Good luck.



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