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HELP! What type of excrcises do I do?
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nala01 - September 12

I have FM, a multi-level fusion (l4-s1), and a spinal stimulator. I need to start a good exercise program that will deal with all of my issues. Any thoughts? O, and I live in the desert where it is 120 degrees outside and I don't sweat properly because of one of my melds so I cannot walk outside.


Fantod - September 12

Tai chi or yoga are recommended for fibromyalga (FMS). Another option would be a water aerobics program apecifically for people with arthitis. You would probably need a note from your doctor to attend the class. There are several good DVD's available for Tai Chi which you can do anywhere. Whatever you decide to do, do it very, very slowly. Many people with FMS who start on an exercise program do too much too soon. Five minutes of exercise is better than nothing and work your way up from there. take care.


michelle J - September 27

I would get a tredmill for in your house that is the one an only piece of equiptment I love . you can walk your own pace and set your own timeline . I to have a fushion in my back L5 fushion and walking is one of the only thing that doesnt upset my body at first it may feel tight but it will get better once you stick with it.


Sonja44 - December 4

The most important thing to remember about exercise have to enjoy what you're doing...or you won't do it. If you're unsure what you'll's time to experiment. Slow and steady is the FM exercise montra.
good luck and take care.


Ails - December 15

I was diagnoised in 2005 with FMS. I had always led an active life and couldn't stand not doing things. I had been advised to rest incase it was a form of arthritis. This made FMS worse. I went to physio for 6 weeks starting on a general warm up routine on waking and before bed. It was amazing, I went from having to be helped out of bed to being able to sit up by myself. It was hard work but well worth it.
Now I swim and go for long walks. The walks are good cause the also increase sun exposure which in turn boosts serotoin levels.
You said you lived in dessert. Try walking barefoot or in socks on sand. I adore doing this as the sand holds you better easing pain a little.
Hope this is of use to you.


axxie - December 24

This reminds me of my days in Texas, it was too hot during the day, so I would go out at night but enjoyed swimming in my swimming pool. Just floating and doing some stretching in the water is good for you.

If you have a wii consol you can get the mat and tape to do yoga, try to do just a few minutes a day until you build up, if one day you don't feel like doing any then don't and then resume the next day.

If you find it huts too much try doing stretching in the shower, the hot water helps you and stretching only take a few minutes.

Treadmills are fine if you can use it to walk a program if not then try the yoga or walking in the sand this will give you a good workout without being strenious.


ouchybody - January 11

I've found Curves for Women to be the best exercise program for me. It's a 30 minute total body workout that works every muscle in your body through hydraulic resistance machines (like water therapy). Curves is a strength and cardio workout. Fibromyalgia is arthritis of the muscles, or Chronic Muscle Rheumatism. Last year I tried Wii Fit and another at home video and neither one worked like Curves. This week I rejoin and looking forward to feeling better again. Good Luck!


MarthaHarrison - July 22

I think yoga can be done.



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