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5 Replies
Luana Chesnut - September 10

Is it good for me to work with horses?


suzie - September 8

Do you think anything you can do that is peaceful, and relaxing has to be good for you unless you have an allergy! Bless you


Azhure - September 10

I am 16,with FM and I have been working and riding with horses since I was 8. It hurts. I cant event and I have to stick to dressage and riding quite horses, but I figure FM already takes too much fun out of life for it to effect what you really enjoy. Sure, you pay for it (pain wise), but would you rather be confided to only doing the easy things? Go for it... and dont let FM ruin your life.


djdi - March 10

B4 FM I rode no problems, now I take it easy, trails and pleasure. Tried English lessons again but couldn't take it. Do what you can, even if it means just hanging around the barn, grooming, or whatever you can do. Modification is key to me living w/FM.


boundershaven - June 19

I own 16 horses. and my problems do not come from my FM. it comes from the disc decentagration in my lower back.

In fact i have found that the more active i am the more it helps even if i am in extreme pain. when i stop moving is when i start having troubles.

No tonight i cant sleep due to the nice little nerve ending tingling and the restlessness.

I was sick today from an allergic reaction to a new med they put me on.

if you look around you should be able to find a place where you can take lessons w horses and if you do a simple beginner lesson you should be ok, even just going out and helping brush the horses should help you relax and at least have a moment of peace.


conniehurts - September 16

I am not a person who will exercise just for the sake of exercise but will put forth the effort to work my horse. I cant do it often, I cant do it a lot but I do what I can. My arms wont hold up to a good grooming, I cannot lift a western saddle on but can take it off and my legs wont let me post but with the help of a side walker who helps me groom, puts the saddle on and holds a long lead rope so that if my horse decides to act up I can concentrate on staying on while she gets the horse back under control it works. I live in Alaska where the riding time is very limited so every spring I have to start all over but its worth it. On the days where I haven't the strength to ride just going out to pet and hug him and it helps my physical as well as emotional state. I hope to move to a warmer climate next summer but until then I will cope as best I can! Thankfully I have a husband who is extremely supportive with all the things I cannot do. He will not let me do anything the day before I ride so I have as much energy and strength as I can possibly can. Most days after I ride I end up in bed for up to 5 days depending how much I push myself but its worth it! I have so many health issues that I cant say what is the most prevalent but horse time always helps! Peace Connie



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