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is exercise making the pain worse
8 Replies
kaye - January 12

I have been using a eliptical now three days a week for a couple months now my pain in my lower back and legs seem worse now. has anyone else seem that exercise is making it worse.


Patrice - January 13

Hi Kaye. I started "Curves" about a month ago and have noticed an improvement with pain, already. I think the trick is to be aware of your limitations: not to over-do it. Because I have problems with my knees, I skip a couple of machines. Before I started "Curves", my doctor recommended I start some type of exercise program because I was in so much pain. I thought my doctor was crazy and couldn't relate to my symptoms. But I gave it a try and I'm glad I did. Maybe you need to do less. I'm not an expert, but I just know from my experience.


dream69 - January 17

In cronic fatigue sydrome pain increases with exercise not with fibromyalgia.


Marge - June 8

Exercise helps my pain more than anything. I use weight training , biking and walking 5 days a week
for 1 hour each day. I feel better mentally also.


Gavin - October 15

Kaye most definately, in fact it was increased and sustained pain during edxercise that lead to my initial diagnosis. W are encouraged with FM to be aware of our own bodies and what they are telling us. If the type of exercise you are doing is making you sore, but is still sustainable given your fatigue levels, I would definately e looking at alternatives that would be able to deliver the same result you are looking for. Keeping exercising in a way that causes you pain will worsen your condition undoubtedly.


drew - November 5

I think it makes it wores. I exercised too much on Saturday, yesterday I was in agony all day and today I am still really bad, I can barely walk, it hurts to move any part of my body. I think gentle exercise - maybe beginners yoga is all my body can handle.


splonsky - March 22

Sometimes after doing cardio my back and such hurts MORE but then I stretch and I actually feel better overall.


aboomar - January 5

.for drew.. i study medicine and i think that execise needed for fibromyalgia not require much on day but if it was in constant mannar and not less than one hour on day it become useful due to endorphins elevation...much or very long exercise cause fatique to healthy persons .what about fibromyalgia suffers..


cooped - July 29

There are a lot of things to keep in mind when exercising, and life in general, with a key factor being posture. Poor postion in anything that you do can cause both direct and indirect pain, with Fibro making it seem/feel worse. You may want to talk with a PT to get a good stretching/strengthening routine help ensure that your body is aligned properly and stays that way.



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