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TASHA - August 3



Connie - July 13

Yes, I was diagnosed with fibramyalgia several years ago. But the aching and weekness in my legs has just gotten noticeablly worse. I am anemic and also may have a slight blockage of blood flow to my heart. I am having a test for it next week.


melinda - August 3

i was just diagnosed with fibromyalgia my legs are in chronic pain especially behing my knees. iam now taking prozac 80mg and flexeral hopefully to feel better soon


deannamarie8fan - October 20

Probably. I know that in additon to my Fibro, I have bursitis in all of my major joints, which makes things much worse. Getting trigger point injections, I hope they help!! You may want to see a rheumatologist. good luck.


gailk - October 26

I am new to this, but this question sorta goes along with this topic.
If Fibro effects the muscles, are you doing exercises on a regular basis and find it helps?I feel my tendons are working harder than my muscles. (thus tendonitis and bursitis.


carm - October 27

Yes, I believe so. Also, to gailk I noticed that to with tendons. I wonder what the corrilation is?


Doug - February 18

I have problems with my legs when I sometimes walk about a block or so my legs get so much pain in them that I cant walk and then they go numb what could that be? I


stfluffybrain - July 12

probably to do with one of the comorbid condtions that FM people get unfortunately.

I have Hashimotos disease and when my hormones are off it gets worse, also worse with my osteomalacia (vit d deficiency/calcium deficiency).

I have had days where I was so floppy and in pain I feel like I had lets and arms made of wool :(

Get better soon
luv Dawnx


Sonja44 - July 25

My feet and ankles have swollen this past week. My exercise has increased...and I feel like crap. I get muscle cramping, weakness and pain. You are not alone.


lizg - March 30

Not only do my legs feel like wool, at same time feel like lead! hn next day I may be able to walk upstairs with no pain and feel 'normal', So I have had to accept that I go with the flow, hour by hour, do what I can and when body says stop/ rest, I try to. I don't always 'listen'but it does help to reduce flare-ups.


Pikespeak - April 18

I have myofascial pain mostly in my legs, glutes and some in my arms. I have found that doing a gentle stretching of my body and articulating my spine has been very beneficial! The program I learned was called Awareness Through Movement (ATM). It was developed by Moshe Feldenkrais. You can download free lessons through iTunes and YouTube. I had some real ah-ha moments with this and hope it helps some of you too!


valjoy - August 28

I walked today as I was feeling lousy with a weather change on the way and the walking really exhausted me to the point where I can't even think clearly. I am going to have an afternoon nap as I just can't keep going and terrible foot pain as well, I don't know how I got home from my walk. Does anyone else find that sometimes excercise makes you feel worse???


KikiK - August 14

Yes, exercise can make it worse if you do too much. I learned that the hard way. I was an exerciser all my life and didn't know how to do less than 45 minutes to an hour at first. But I started with yoga stretches, walks around the block and now warm water exercises (which feel the best) yet in moderation. In time you can build. I take D ribose and NT factor which help the cells of the body with more energy and regeneration and then in turn, seems to help with doing a bit more exercise without severe pain.



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