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Muscle pain after exercize
6 Replies
needtoknow - February 4

How are others handling the muscle pain after exercize? Everything I read says daily exercize reduces muscle pain, but my body gets so sore, I can't do it but every three or four days.


Ann-Marie - May 1

I have just stared Tai Chi but have been experiencing real pain in my back between my shoulder blades since I started. Like you I keep reading that this is doing me good!!! My doctor suggested I keep it up but it is soooo hard. I will keep you posted as to whether the pain subsides the more I go. Fingers crossed.


jeffh - May 2

I find that even moderate exercise like walking and stretching can make my muscles twitch like crazy. I used a weed-eater yesterday for about an hour and my arms are twitching today whenever I bend them. My muscle aches are better now that winter is giving way to spring but I'm still tired and stiff in the mornings.


Ann-Marie - May 20

Hi. Last week during my Tai chi class I had to stop and sit out as I experienced complete fatigue and muscle weakness. It was as if my body just gave up on me. It left me very upset and depressed as i wan't really doing anything that energetic. Also I have noticed an increase in the pain in between my shoulders. I don't want to give up the classes as I am also using them to overcome my social anxiety but at the same time i dont want to harm myself. Does anyone have any advice. It seems like it is always one step forward, a million steps back.


Judy T. - July 6

I have been doing water aerobics but I am still trying to figure out if it is best in cold water, warm water or hot tub water...I will let you know...also I just know that it is best for me to do just a little each day and sometimes breaking that up into 2 or 3 15 minutes sessions during the day like walking on my treadmill rather than try a do a 45 minute or an hour session. In the water I do only 15 to 20 minutes a day or every other day....If I over due I pay for it.


Rosie - August 26

Hi Everyone, I have found that very gentle pilates exercises using the reformer machine has helped me so much. I have been advised to stop the minute the pain comes on as it is too much for my muscles. Lets not listen to that rubbish of "no pain no gain" its not like we have the bodies and endurance of Olympic atheletes. Along with the pilates I have found a deep sports massage and chiro treatment very helpful with my rehab. The massage caused alot of discomfort first few times until all the knots in my muscles were eased. I now look forward to it especially with the neck, shoulders and thoracic area when things get really tight. The chiro has been a god send in with my dysautonomia.


Amanda - February 4

I was diagnosed with FM late last year, although I'm still not 100% convinced that's what I have, I'm currently treating my condition as FM. I'm still trying to find the exercise routine that's best for me. After 10 minutes of cardio yesterday, I hurt and stop. During my pilates or yoga classes I hurt while doing some stretches, but I push through the pain. I've learned that for my body "pushing thu the pain" is a no-no. I'm trying to start doing shorter, more frequent work outs, but it seems that no matter what I do, I still hurt. Even my physical therapy stretches don't really help. However, my physical therapist does do ultrasound therapy and it feels SO good. Also, I suggest investing in a moist heating pad. It's annoying to continue reheating them the microwave, but they do help "soften" the pain.



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