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Pilates again and alittle scared
3 Replies
firomama - March 26

4 1/2 yrs ago after having my second child, and gaining the usual weight of preg...and pre-fibro, i was doing pilates and walking on a daily basis. i felt great and was looking good too. id dropped more than half my preg. weight.
by the time my daughter was a little over a yr old, i noticed pain no matter what i did and actually started gaining weight back despite pilates and walking. i was diagnoised w/ fibro and told to stop the activities.
well, i just had bb #3 and am 200lbs!! i was 137lbs when i got preg w/ my 2nd. i have to get control of this NOW. so, im going to srart back w/ low key pilates again and mild walking on happy days both physically and weather alike.(i live in MO, you never know) im scared to do it. im scared of the pain and poss. flare ups bc of the new regimine. but i have to get this weight off! anyone want to join in w/ me? otherwise i guess i just needed to vent. its 4am and i have horrible insomnia. im bored and no, this isnt a perfect time to start!!! LOL!


lizg - March 30

Hi- I so sympathise. The insomnia thing is ghastly. I sometimes do gentle stretching/pilates/yoga movements in the wakeful hours. I find ithelps relax me a bit,IF I remember the slow deep breathing bit! Keeping weight down when you cant exercise much is very depressing /frustrating. What's your diet like - do you eat carbs?? I have to avoid all sweet things - even sweet veg will bloat me, and pulses irritate the bowel, so my prob is gettng enough fibre- which helps shift weight. (OK, the cou[ple glasses of wine in the eve doesnt help but god knows we need something to get us through the day.. Hope the exercise regime helps - I should be koining you but like you am reluctant to risk further pain/fatigue..


tooyoungforfibro - July 14

It is great that you are getting started again. Every time I start working out again, I am scared of the same things. I have learned that I just need to listen to my body. I started slow and take days off as my body tells me too. At the least, I try to stretch every day, just basic easy stretches. I wish you the best!!


dlr57 - July 19

I've learned over the yrs that my body doesn't tell me to stop at the time, its later that I pay. So I start very slowly, 1 or 2 reps or 1 or 2 sit-ups or whatever you're doing. If that doesn't bring on pain over the next day or 2 then add 1 at a time. Otherwise I end up hurt and have to start all over.



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