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Swimming really hurts
7 Replies
hurtinginellensburg - April 1

I know I need to exercise, so I started off really easy, only stretching and walking in the water, and jacuzzi.
I went into the worst flare up that evening and almost ended up in the hospital. With results like this, why would I exercise? I cant take anything for my fibromyalgia or pain pills because they dont work. Any suggestions. The temp of the pool was 86 degrees, maybe it was too cold?


Fantod - April 12

Like many of us, you got carried away with your exercise routine. Although it may seem like what you did was pretty easy apparently your body had other ideas. I have a back problem and was sent to PT for three months. What a disaster! No matter what the therapist asked me to do, the end result was three days of bed rest and extreme pain all over. Eventually, I staged a mutiny and refused to do anything other than massage and very careful stretching. You should keep on trying to find something that you can manage even if it is just walking 1/2 a block. Tai Chi is recommended for Fibromyalgia. You can buy a DVD and do it at home. Take care.


Nimu - May 6

The water temperature i have come to find plays a big role. If you are able to, please do try a heated pool and see if that works for you. All the best.


Rockyboo15 - May 13

Hi I swim for my FMS but the most I can manage is twice a week, 20 mins at the most, thats not consistent every week as sometimes I can go just the once, other weeks not at all. `Swimming` does not cover it. Essentially I just pootle about very gently and slowly and use a woggle which is a long snake shaped piece of foam to support my neck when on my back and so that I can swim upright. to bicycle with my legs and swish my arma around.Flat Breaststroke is not recommended as it strains the neck and there are a lot of pain recepters/tender points there so upright or on your back is best. It is essential to have a warmer than average pool and to rest between each bit of activity, especially at first. Took me ages to build up to being able to go to the pool at all and most days I need driving there and back and hubby to carry bags etc and after that I have to rest for most of the rest of the day. Dont be disheartened, you did great just getting to the pool. KNock back on the amount you do to ten mins or even five and then very gradually build it up again. You will find your limit. Good luck.


cooped - July 29

For me, being in the water seems to hurt more than it helps. I also have ostioarthritits in both of my big toes, and after about 10 minutes, they are in excrusiating pain.


oneday - September 11

If you tred the water that might help. Actually treading water burns upto 800 cals per hour. that is more then swimming laps. Even if you can only do one minutes to start. It might be worth a shot over actually swimming.


Canada17 - November 15

It might be the chlorine. When I spoke to my doctor about doing water exercises she cautioned me against it. At first I was very surprised as I thought this kind of exercise would have the least amount of impact, thus lessening the painful side effects.

She explained that it is very common for chlorinated water to aggravate our symptoms. I stopped drinking tap water and am in search of a salt water pool.


Fantod - November 15

I've been told the same thing by my doctor - stay away from chlorine. I even use a shower filter at home as you aspirate a lot of chemicals when showering. Finding a salt water pool is pretty difficult around here. The only one I know of is on the fat side of town. I couldn't possible y drve myself, swim and then drive home. I'd be way past unsafe to drive due to exhaustion. So far I can't find anyone to go with me. Take care.



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