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What have you experienced?
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kcoll710 - March 6

About 6 months ago I went back to the gym. In my younger years I use to exercise morning and night. I could eat anything and I felt great. Then this disease hit. Being very very tired of feeling horrible all time(and gaining 40lbs)I started a higher protein, low carb diet, then when I started feeling like I could function some (not much but some) I joined my husband at the gym in the mornings.

It has helped. But I am very frustrated at the incredibly slow progress. My mind wants to do more but my body won't let me. There are days I get on the bike and my legs just struggle. I've read every fitness magazine and of course, I'm not near the norm in time it takes to progress.

What have you experienced? How long does it take for the muscles to make decent progress? Is my progress abnormal considering the Fibromyalgia? Are there any helpful suggestions?


January - March 23

For Kcoll and ccc -

I posted something I copied from CFS Central under general discussions - under "If its a virus, GET and CBT may not work." GET = Graded Exercise Therapy. CBT = Cognitive Behavioral Therapy.

You might want to go to the chronic fatigue website - CFS Central - or some other fatigue site and read up. I have a hard time with fatigue. I used to work out but can't do much any more because I wear out quickly and the pain level goes up. It's better for me to quit while I'm ahead.

A good physical therapist taught me this also - I have a personality type that made me do 15 reps, just because I could - when the PT told me to do 5 and stop. 5 reps seemed like nothing to me! It took a while for him to get this through my head - that I was actually making myself worse in the long run. But we are all different, so maybe a consult with a PT or doctor can help you identify what you should be doing for yourself. I do know that more isn't necessarily better, but I so get it about your mind wanting to push your body further. Try and be gentle with yourself - you do have some kind of illness going on - the problem is figuring out exactly what it is.

I think "fibro" is a dumping ground for several different diseases, which maybe explains why we have different symptoms and react differently to treatments and to exercise. You have to research and figure out what is right for you. Fibro is linked to many other diseases - e.g., Epstein Barr Virus (mono), mycoplasma infections and Lyme Disease, among others.

Hope you all are doing well. : )


cincin - August 27

It's like hitting a brickwall. The life you're used to has to change. I was always very active and in extreme physical shape, it was devestating to just have to stop and know I will never be the I will be different. I cannot ride a bike either, my legs struggle too. What I do is lunges, stretches, flexing, alot of exercises as dancers would do. In my second flare up it took me well over a year to feel that I was as good as I was going to get. Try a whey isolate immediately after exercise.A bodybuilder informed me that you have 20 minutes to replenish the muscle protein that is used during exercise. I find it helps. Just keep on trucking and try and have a sense of humor about your limitations-it sucks but it's a reality and laughter is wonderful even if its about you.



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