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wii fit
7 Replies
kras618 - June 15

has anyone tried the wii fit and suffered any pain from it i am neck spasms so not sure if thats causing it or what


Lorena Santillan - August 14



13tracy13 - January 16

I have the Wii fit and I love it, I don't suffer any extra pain from it, less pain actually from the fit then when I go to the gym.
Sometimes it is easy to push yourself to hard on some of the games if your competative and trying to get good scores. The main game that gives me problems is the Hula Hoop challange.
I also read an article on CNN a week or so back that said that there are more injuries being reported in ERs from the Wii.


ddavies - January 24

I just bought WII fit today. Am going to try to take it on in the morning. I have to try and do it as mornings are worst for me. Swelling, pain, and anxiety. After taking meds and waking up I can usually start doing things. Hopeing it will help me.


ddavies - January 29

I have been doing WII fit for 4 days now. It is great when I am doing it but as night time comes on I have alot of muscle pain. More then from the fibro. Also in 4 days I have gained weight but my sister tells me its water. I don't know, but I love the exercises.


belle1329 - March 9

kras618I tried yoga (DVD) I think I streched too much because I was in such pain in the neck and arms at the end of the night. Im not sure Ill try it again. If I do, Im not going to strech as much, maybe you over streched with the wii.


Occupational Therapist - March 12

You might be getting neck spasms from incorrect posture during your exercises. It might also be from doing too much exercise all at once. If you haven't exercised in a while you might want to start with 5 min at a time. It also a good idea to do general body stretches to warm up your muscles before starting any exercise. Good Luck!


mimosette - July 20

I think my bad neck pain after buying the wii fit was from laughing. At my reflection in the tv screen.

I have a kind of competitive nature, so I had to BACK OFF from the Wii Fit. I found myself on it 2 hours at a time (learned how to make it think it was another day so it wouldn't tell me I had done enough for one day), trying to top everyone in my family's scores.

The easiest exercise for me and my Fibro on it is the step aerobics.



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