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Yoga for Fibro
17 Replies
AnimaliaPrime - November 17

I took a beginning yoga class and made sure the instructor knew about my fibro issues. If you get the right instructor and the right class environment it will work. I just don't do poses that cause a lot of pain and the instructor always tells us that if we need to modify a pose to accommodate a stiff joint or different anatomical alignment, that we should, and she tells us the ways we can safely modify and still get benefit. I will probably be in that beginning class for years before I can switch to intermediate, if ever. But I feel a LOT better while doing just the beginning stuff.

I personally wouldn't recommend learning yoga from a video because there are things that you could do be doing wrong and never know it. In a class, the instructor will walk around and make sure your hips are properly aligned in poses so you don't injure or strain your back, etc. And they can help you figure out what poses you will be able to do if you work up to them, and which, your body shouldn't try to do or won't be able to do.
I found that the first several classes kicked my ass--but I persevered and pushed past some of the pain and I came out on the other side feeling loads better--a lot of my muscle pain just disappeared. I think those of us with fibro tend to guard and protect against the pain(of course we would), but sometimes I think it's to our detriment. ANYONE with a normal body, that's out of shape, would feel some pain and fatigue when starting an exercise routine, so I think sometimes we need to remember that not all pain is bad or permanent. Our muscles want to be exercised and used. Now, please don't get me wrong, I understand the issue of balance and that there is a fine line between "enough exercise" and "too much exercise". This is why I recommend taking a class for specific practices like yoga and Tai Chi. Learn the basics with human help and interaction and THEN go get a video for refreshers at home and for continual use.


Cher0208 - February 5

I've had this for over year and I just figured out that I can't work out like most people. I have Time Warner Cable and they have free exercise shows. Since I have been feeling really good I went ahead and tried a 55 minute yoga class. Well, that was a bad move. The postures were hard and too fast but I pushed myself to get through it. Which is great for someone without fibro. For 2 days I have felt like I've been hit by a bus. And now reading all of your posts I realize that I shouldn't look at myself as weak for not being able to do what the people around me can do. Gentle is the way to go.



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