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23 and over it all.
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sarahtracey143 - September 2

hello all! thank you very much for all of your messages on these forums. i have been actively searching for information like this since having my second daughter in January 03. i have not been formally diagnosed with fibro, or anything at all for that matter, but everyday i wake up in unexplainable agony i feel i am leaning more and more to this diagnosis. i have always had back pain and mild body aches which probably started around the time i had my first daughter but nothing like this. it all started in my feet; the heels to be specific. i thought i was just getting too heavy, as i did put on quite a bit of weight during and a little before the pregnancy, so i bought a nice fluffy pair of slippers to wear throughout. but the pain only increased. soon it was numbness and pins and needles all the way up through my toes and up into my ankles. the pain also began to travel up into my back and hips, which i only attributed to the pregnancy, who wouldnt with all the changes your body is going through. but then after being induced in january a week n a half past my due date, i thought the pain would all subsided. i was so wrong. i asked my ob, he was dumb founded by the pain i was having in my feet. so i was sent to the podiatrist, and given the diagnosis of 'tarsal tunnel syndrome'. seemed to make sense that there was some sort of compressed nerve with all the pain i was in and the tingly feeling, however after wearing the orthotics in my shoes he provided me with i suddenly had stress fractures around my toe area...??? cool. after having to be off my feet completely for 2 months to allow the fractures to heel they were starting to feel better until i started walked again. then we started, the pain meds :/ tramadol 50 mg every 4 hours as needed. well that WAS needed EVERY 4 hours! the pain was and is so severe i had to call and ask if i could take two! after being on them for a few weeks while waiting for my EKG they stopped helping completely and he even refused to prescribe them for me anyway, said i needed to go to pain management if i was really in that much pain. HUMPH! FINE THEN I WILL! so then we did coritsone injections with no response and after that he said surgery. i disagreed and went to my ortho for a second opinion and he agreed. he said he would absolutely not do the surgery, in his opinion, my feet were perfectly healthy. he did not think this was tarsal tunnel. he said because of the other issues i was already having he believes this to be a chronic pain condition, and suggested neurontin for the nerve pain.

so heres where im at now. working with my primary care doctor to manage my pain. currently taking, 600 mg neurtonin 3 times daily for foot, back and shoulder pain and numbness/tingling. 100 mg topamax daily for headaches. 150 mg raniditine 2 times daily for stomach pains which we now believe to be IBS. and 10/500 lortab for break through pain, 2 times daily as needed which of course is ALWAYS TWICE DAILY...

my other symptoms have begun to include memory loss and slurred speech or constantly switching up my words. becoming a bit dyslexic when i speak. not sure if that a symptom or drug reaction. ...shit brain fart, ummmmmm oh yeah also begun to have right outer hip pain and excruciating lower back pain about a week and a half ago when my neurtontin was increased, again not sure if symptom or drug reaction. but dct didnt seem too concerned since she just increased it again yesterday. i have also been suffering from anxiety and depression for many years but since all this started i cant help but cry every day. i just cant seem to get a grip. and my aggression has seemed to have spiraled out of control. i seem to remember asking my daughter out of the kitchen to her room and close the door the other day after spilling a bowl of eggs everywhere so i could through a chair across the room with out her seeing me.OMG i cant believe i did that!! how disgusting i felt as a mother. however, i feel me losing control more and more everyday. i just cant help it, when your in pain like this and nothing even takes the edge off, you start to get a little irritable. and a little is certainly an understatement. the depression is certainly getting worse as well but i refuse to take any ssri's after having seritonin syndrone sometime last january while taking prozac. ive never reacted well to antidepressants and i have probably tried them all anyways with no positive results to any.

i seem to be at a loss and so does my doctor. shes sending me back to a new pod. to see if he has any ideas on whats wrong with my feet and if not then it seems shes going to them finally send me to pain management so i can get my pain to a tolerable level while we try a figure out whats going on. i havent had any blood work or mri's. no scans or tests or anything. im very lost and very confused. my mother suggests fibro and lyme's. what else could this be!?!? please help!!!

p.s. sorry for any typos or illiteracy, thats just how my brain works now a days apparently.


conniehurts - September 18

I do hope you find some relief soon. Sadly it took me years to get help/ You just have to, heaven forbid, dr shop till you find one that will listen and believe you since they most likely wont find a way to help you. In my opinion the depression isn't a chemical imbalance which is the only kind that anti depression meds help, It the fact that you you are in such pain and cant get any relief. How can we not be depressed when we don't see a light at the end of a tunnel. Personally the on thing that help me are strong opiates but that is like pulling hens teeth to get! in the meantime try valerian tea which will probably make you sleep and some lotion hat I order offline called Two Old Goats Fibromyalgia and Arthritus Lotion. It helps with the muscle pain in some people. My hubby and I love it and its not pricey either. The Valerian root smells terrible but a little honey in it and it doesn't taste bad. You can get it in a health food store. Gentle hugs and best wishes. Peace Connie



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