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Message Therapy
6 Replies
Jean - October 3

Have any of you with FMS/CMP tried message therapy? If so how did you feel during and after this therapy?


kerri - September 12

Been diagnosed with fibro since early August.
I've had two massages in the past month. One was a half hour, the other an hour. honestly, it felt GREAT! there was a couple of tender spots where i had to tell her to be a bit more gentle, but all and all it was great. felt great after as well. Drink plenty of water after and the next day to flush out all the toxins released by the massage.As long as you tell them that you have fibro, they pretty much know they have to be gentle. and don't be afraid to speak up, they don't know they're hurting you unless you tell them...and there's no sense in just gritting your teeth and going through it.
i HIGHLY suggest massage for fibro. felt great for me!


Jean - September 13

Thankyou so much for replying. I guess I have many trigger points as to why it hurt so bad. I did tell her I had fibro and she did as gentle as she could but it just really hurt me and I'm a pretty stong minded woman and it brought tears to my eyes. Maybe if I do this often enough it would get better. I just seem to get worse not better. Thanks again.


charlie - September 29

Two years ago I was involved in an auto accident. I have been going for physio since then and my therapist thought Iwould benefit from deep heat massage, which I started about a year and a half ago. I can't tell you the pain I felt in certain points. Six months ago I was diagnosed by my doc. as having FMS, I am yet to see a reumatoligist (sp?). I was not having much relief from either therapist in the long term, though some band-aid relief. Someone convinced me to see a chiropractor, against my doc's wishes and I have to tell you that after 2 visits, I had more mobilility and pain relief that 2 years in physio. The day after a visit with my chiro, I had an appointment with my massage therapist and as she massaged me in points where I normally would have been in tears I felt hardly, any pain. I had some tenderness, but not like usual. She commented how good my back felt and I can't tell you how much better I felt. I don't feel this way all the time, but I find less pain with the massage and much more energy since the chiro. Hope others can benefit from this as well.


Jean - October 2

Thankyou for your replys. I just might try a chiropractor just to see if it will do me better. Thanks again.


Anne - October 2

Jean, i used a tens machine. you know, electrodes and stuff. the brand i use is protens. and it is absolutely brilliant! it brings me pain relief, although often it doesn't last very long. It does do more for me than painkillers though:)


Jean - October 3

Thanks Anne, I'll keep that in mind



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