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advice please DLA forms filled in but not right
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bellab - September 21

Hi, I have recently been diagnosed with FM. I am about to be dismissed from work.
I had someone come round last week to help me fill in the forms for DLA. She was recomended from the CAB. Well she was with me for 3 hours and questioned all daily needs and she filled in the form. At the end i just signed the forms as id had enough after 3 hours.
She said would photocopy them and send them back to me and send the forms for me. Well got the copy today, and am a little shocked as she has
made the answers sound worse than i am. All the things she put on the forms do happen but not quite as sever as shes put.
Know i dont know what to do about it.
ADVICE PLEASE...... thankyou


bernieg - September 22

Hi bellab, sorry to hear about your dilema. You may be annoyed over this but believe me, that's exactly what you need on the form. If you say it's not that bad, you won't get your DLA. It's not like your telling lies.
With FMS you don't know what your gonna be like from day to day. I'm sure you will find that you could be feeling well for a period of time and the next your not able to do anything, unfortunatly that's the way FMS goes. I'm sure if you read some of the other posts on DLA, you will see what I meen.
I had been trying to get DLA for over 2 years and when I asked my GP or rhummy to give me a letter stateing the severity of my illness, they alway made it sound less than it was so that didn't help, I got turned down. I kept applying and appealing it and eventualy I got it just 3 weeks ago.
I live in Ireland and it is quite hard to get DLA, you are nearly always turned down the first time. If you live in the States I hear it is much harder, that's why you need all the help you can get, so what's on the form is ok.
Don't be feeling bad about it, if you can't work because of FMS surely you would be entitled to DLA.As I said, do look at some of the other posts on this site, there is a lot of goosd advice. I hope that was of some use to you. I wish you all the best.
Bernie G


Fantod - September 22

I agree with bernieg - FMS is variable and what applies one day may not the next. Let the forms stay the way they are. Good luck and take care.


axxie - September 23

Hi bellab, leave the forms the way they are written, you may see it differently, but when you take a minute and analyse each symptoms, you will see you are right on the mark.

As for any insurance from any country, they automatically all turn them down at least the first three times. It's not a notion, it's a fact.

Insurance companies don't want you to lie, but want you to give all the information, many times insurance will return the forms because you didn't fill it correctly or this is not enough information, or the information does have any merrit, meaning, it does not fit in a category.

Leave the form the way it is, you have a better chance.....

Good luck to you

BTW, Keep a copy of your filling and date when you sent out the documents, that very important, you would be amazed to find out, lots of insurance company, just loose mailouts.


jezz - September 24

Leave the forms as they are if you put down when you are feeling your worst then that is the truth of your illness. Days may vary mine do esp some times i cant move for 4 or 5 days other times i feel i could run a marathon (well maybe in my head as my legs dont work very well lol) But good luck and dont change a thing


axxie - September 24

Bellab, do you think you can send this person my way to fill out disability forms, sounds like someone who knows how to fill them out.



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