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Anyone tried Nucynta ER for pain?
17 Replies
Lee2010 - April 17

Hi everyone, Haven't been on in a while - symptoms getting worse and my Internist (who was super supportive in the beginning) started running scared due to the "men in suits". As some of you know, pain meds do not work on me, and I think that the management was nervous that I would OD and sue them. Anyway - today I saw a wonderful new doctor whose specialty is Pain Rehab who is eager to work with me. His recommendations from others were impeccable, and after meeting him, and spending an hour with him, I feel as though I am finally being REALLY listened to. He has put me on an entirely new pain medication protocol to see if anything new will work. Am trying each of them for the first time. If they don't work, we will just take it from there. For the first time in 4 years I have some serious hope. I will keep you posted as to what/if anything works. He certainly seemed hopeful. The new narcotic pain med that he has me on is called Nucynta ER 50mg. They are time-release and last 12 hours. I take two pills twice daily. Since I just received my prescription, I can't say whether they work or not. Would love to hear if any of you have tried this drug and if it worked for you. I'm starting at a very low dose, so not sure that I'll notice much of anything, since nothing has worked so far, but I have to have hope. I really hope and pray that all of you are feeling better, or at least having some good days. With the rain that we've been having in the northwest, good days have been a thing of the past for me. I have canceled a lot of appts., lunch dates, etc., and spend a lot of time laying around with a heating pad. Hang in there and gentle hugs to all of you. Lee


kvc33 - April 17

I've never heard of nucynta ER. Why does he think this one will work when all the others haven't?


Jocelyn - April 17

Wow, that is one heck of a powerful drug they put you on. You must be in severe pain 24/7 for the doctor to feel he would want to try you on it. I do hope it works for you, and please, if you already haven't, look up the drug effects, as this type of drug can be very addictive.

Good luck and soft hugs and hoping and praying you feel better.


kvc33 - April 17

I am concerned about your being on this medication after looking it up. WebMD says that there is a high risk of breathing problems that are potentially fatal associated with this drug. Please keep it locked up. In the wrong hands this will kill someone. I hope you also know that to crush up this drug or not take it in it's whole form is very dangerous as well. I understand that you want pain relief but please be careful.


Lee2010 - April 17

kvc33 and Jocelyn,
Thank you so much for your posts and concerns.
Jocelyn - yes, my pain is constant and unforgiving. Uninterrupted sleep is a thing of the past. If I roll over during the night, the pain wakes me, then it takes me quite a while to go back to sleep. No position is comfortable - whether sitting, standing, or lying down. The pain has permeated my entire body and affects every aspect of my life. Reaching out to this doctor has been my last chance at a lifeline. He works with professional athletes in the NFL, NHL, and MLB. I trust him to do the right thing by me.
kvc33 - Yes, I have also researched the drug extensively - as I do all of the prescriptions that I'm on. So far, as usual, I have not had a single reaction to this drug. My pain is still here, and I've had none of the side effects that are listed. As far as this drug getting into the wrong hands, I take precautions in my home, and my grown children do not like taking drugs of any sort unless absolutely necessary.
Thank you both for your concern. I so appreciate you spending the time to research things for me and sharing them. I have had just about every class of drug out there, and have yet to find one that seems to work on my brain. I am trying to stay hopeful, however.
Thanks again. And I promise to be careful. I always am and always will be. I have way too much to live for to screw up.


Jocelyn - April 17


Please keep us posted on how this drug is working for you. I am sure there are other people in your situation.

I give you a lot of credit for moving forward and trying to get better and not giving up. Being in the type of pain like you have is totally debilitating. My prayers and best wishes go out to you and your family.


valjoy - April 18

Dear Lee2010, Yes you try every single thing that may help and lets hope you are on a winner this time. This does get a grip on you the older you get. Let us all know how the new medication works. God Bless. valjoy. x


January - April 19

Hi Lee2010 - I remember you! You had such a difficult case of severe pain and nothing was working for you. Sounds to me like you have finally found a doctor with good recommendations who can help. I have not heard of Nucynta, but will look it up, and I really hope this one works for you.

I haven't seen a lot of cases as serious as your pain problem, but I have seen some. Hopefully, there is a new drug out, and you have helped someone else with your post. I'm also glad to hear that you are not having any problems with it, in terms of side effects. We all have different body chemistries and tolerate things differently. Please let us know if it works! Wishing you lots of luck and hope you get your life back!


kvc33 - April 26

How are you doing with it Lee2010?


Lee2010 - April 28

Hi kvc33,
Thanks for asking how I'm doing. I wish that I had better news to report. So far my doc has upped my dosage once, and I felt better for two days, then I went back to having pain. I have an appt. in a couple of weeks to go over my results with him, so I'm hoping that he'll be able to give me some insight and suggestions. He's an expert in his field - he's been doing this for 30 years and deals with professional athletes - so if anyone can help me, he can. I figure that athletes deal with extreme pain, so he knows where I'm coming from in the pain department. I'm still hopeful that we can figure my brain chemistry out and sort through all of this.
I so appreciate everyone on this sight, and the questions, ideas, and suggestions that are posted. It has really helped me with my search for answers.
I'm hoping that you are doing well and are having some pain free days.
Thanks again for you're concern. I so appreciate it.
Hugs, Lee


January - April 28

Hi Lee - I'm sorry you are having some setbacks, but I hope this drug has helped some of your pain…? It wasn't clear. Maybe there will be something you can combine with it to get some relief. Anyway, the doctor sounds like a good one, so let's hope there is some light at the end of the tunnel! Soon! Prayers are with you.


Jocelyn - April 29


I am so sorry to hear that you are having problems with the medication not giving you the expected pain relief you need. Your doctor sounds awesome, and I will pray that he will come up with something that will work for you.

Best to you!


mrshunt9 - May 1

Tried it today ended up at ER with SOB ...worse pain then ever and nausea, vomiting and I will never take again and I thought I was used to taking some powerful stuff!


Lee2010 - May 1

mrshunt9 -
Thank you so much for your post. It just further proves to myself that I am pretty much immune to medications in general, and pain medications in particular. I have tried pretty much every pain med out there, and up to this point have not found any that work for me. I can quadruple the dosage, and still not get any reaction - let alone relief. I have an appointment with my pain management doc next week, and will bring your story up. I am currently on 150mg twice daily. He's already upped it once - not sure if he'll do it again. I'm also on Norco and still in pain. It sure is getting old. If I didn't have such a supportive network of friends and family, I'm pretty sure I would have gone insane long ago. It also really helps knowing that I'm not alone. Reading what others have to say here makes me realize how fortunate I am, and since others find relief, I try not to lose hope.
Thank you again for taking the time to respond. I am so sorry that you had such an awful reaction. I hope that you are feeling better and can find a drug that brings you relief.
Gently hugs, Lee


Jocelyn - May 1


I am so sorry to hear you had such a horrible reaction to your meds. I do hope you are feeling better. I too, react badly to drugs, but it is so difficult to not want to take them when you hope to relieve your pain.

Bless you and I hope you feel better.


mrshunt9 - May 1

I am also a nurse ...theses doctors and pharmacies are giving people what big pharma people suggest that they know nothing about....also read Nucynts ER is the next Mutibillion dollar baby and they are looking to put it in injection form.. wish I had suggestions for you Lee :( and I am feeling better today still some effects but bearable funny thing was it gave me a severe migraine and I never hurt so bad!


Jocelyn - May 2


Thank you for the info on Nucynts :) Will read all about it.



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