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Anyone Use Sublingual B12 or Vitamins?
21 Replies
Fantod - March 27

Just wondering if anyone uses sublingual supplements. If so, what brands? Do you notice a difference?


teresat - March 27

I take a multi-vitamin & a sub-lingual B12 daily. I don't eat properly ( a nurse should know better), but I live alone & cooking is the last thing I want to do at the end of a day!! Besides if I cook I make WAY TOO MUCH, than I have to eat the SAMETHING for a week, LOL!!!!


dream69 - March 27

My fibromyalgia was caused by vitamin B6 toxicity. Do not take vitamins unless you know for a fact you are deficient!


larry - March 28

I have had tremendous success with the recommendation from the Fibro and Fatigue Centers. I use the "Fatigued to Fantastic!® Energy Revitalization System". The Fibro and Fatigue centers recommend this as part of their comprehensive program that also includes treating the hormonal imbalances and underlying infections. You can purchase this online at their site or at I have been using this for 6 months and feel great. Here is a description----
One Scoop Replaces 35 different supplements . Great Citrus Flavor .
This unique supplement system of more than 50 vitamins, minerals and other crucial nutrients will help you to reclaim your life from the overwhelming fatigue and brain fog that drag you down.

Fatigued to Fantastic! Daily Energy Infusion was designed with Jacob Teitelbaum, M.D., recognized fatigue expert and author of From Fatigued to Fantastic! Daily Energy Infusion features a combination of over 40 energy-building vitamins, minerals, and other nutrients to help build all-day energy and endurance.* Dr. Teitelbaum's clinical experience shows most people will feel a difference within two to three weeks of starting Daily Energy Infusion.* He also found that most people will notice a 76% improvement in quality of life after three months of use when used in conjunction with his individualized health care program.*

Fatigued to Fantastic! Daily Energy B Complex features essential B vitamins and choline to support endurance and energy, and help maintain mental alertness when experiencing fatigue.* B vitamins are water soluble and must be replenished daily for the body to operate at peak energy.* This ultimate-strength formula contains the vitamin B complex necessary for healthy function of blood, brain, and nerve cell which are vital for sustained energy.*


teresat - March 28

Dream 69 I am confused, I did not think "THEY" knew what caused FMS. My DRs have never said WHAT caused my FMS??? Do you have more info on this? This site also endorses the uses of vitamins. I have read on other FMS pages that endorses the use of vitamin B12 specifically.


Fantod - March 29

Thanks for all of the information. I appreciate the input as I am pretty new at all of this.


JJ1 - March 29

I am having my B-12 and folate tested next week.


dream69 - March 29

My definition of Fibromylgia based on my research, is a complex of symptoms caused by a disruption in oxygen metabolism that is diagnosed by specific tender points. All fibromyalgia patients have problems metabolizing or utilizing oxygen. This alone will cause a cascade of symptoms affecting every cell in your body. The abnormal utilization of oxygen is the exact cause of all the symptoms. There are many reasons why we cannot utilize oxygen. This is a list of some: Liver problems, thyroid problems, vitamin deficiency, vitamin toxicity, and chronic multi system infections (ex Candida, Lyme), heavy metal toxicity (Ex. Mercury), autoimmune disease, and spinal injury. Spinal injury indirectly causes problems with oxygen metabolism.


JJ1 - March 29

I agree that there are many diagnoses out there that can have symptoms like Fibromyagia. I thought Fibromyalgia was only a diagnosis, though, when it could not be explained by these other problems. Thus if your symptoms, Dream, are explained by a B6 toxicity, then I would say you did not actually have Fibromyalgia. Just my opinion based on what I have read...... I do believe that the docs are not looking deep enough at what these other problems could be and are just throwing the Fibromyalgia label on people without looking at the whole array of possible causes, vitamin toxicity and deficiency being one of those areas that seems to be overlooked. And Larry would probably add that it is all related to thyroid problems, even for those of us who have been diagnosed with normal thyroid function.


dream69 - March 29

Perhaps JJ1, but the research done on patients diagnosed with "fibromyalgia" have shown that they have a problem metabolizing oxygen. The muscle tissue in the tender point area has been shown by studies to be hypoxic.


dream69 - March 29

There are several other studies that show patients "diagnosed" with firbromyalgia suffer from hypoxia. B6 toxicity causes tissues to become hypoxic and it also has several other effects. B6 toxicity causes fibromyalgic symptoms, becuase it causes the same abnormalities found in fibromylgia patients.


JJ1 - March 29

I was told by two different rheumatologists that have both diagnosed me with Fibromyalgia that the tenderpoints are not always present in Fibromyalgia sufferers but were used in diagnoses to aid in selecting subjects for clinical trials. I have achy feelings in joints and muscles but they are not tender or painful to touch. Because I don't have the classic tenderpoints, it has caused me to doubt my diagnosis and that is why I am trying to better understand what is wrong with me.


JJ1 - March 29

Since anemia is a deficiency in red blood cells which carry oxygen throughout the body, it could and does cause fibromyalgia-like symptoms as well.


dream69 - March 29

JJ1 I know how you feel. Its sad not knowing what is going on with you. Take care and I hope you find your answer somwhere.


dream69 - March 29

That is very true about your anemia!


larry - March 29

JJ, I would never say that it is all thyroid related. When your thyroid is stressed as in all fibro patients since they are nearly 100% hypothyroid , then each and every gland is stressed or depeleted or insufficient or have reached failure. Most of the folks on this site have been told that their thyroids are ok or have been put on synthroid and they are still sick. IT is NEVER one gland, or one hormone or one vitamin or one drug that gets you well. Fibro is a syndrome that affects many systems and you can't approach many systems with one pill. If your thyroid is stressed then it is probably true that your adrenal hormones are near exhaustion or are already at exhaustion. The same goes for your other glands and their hormones. To understand this more as to why people are still sick despite their thyroid tests being normal I suggest visiting for clarification. Fibro patients not only have these hormonal imbalances they also have underlying infections (Epstein Bar, CMV, herpes, lyme, candida and yeast infections, fungus infections, bacterial stuff, etc.) that never quite have gone away and they show up as reoccurring sinus infections, post nasal drip, Uninary infections, etc. The third component in addition to hormonal imbalances and undiagnosed, underlying infections are the many nutritional deficiences from toxins and poor diet that can't be addressed unless you burst open your cell's mitcondria to be receptive to food so that food can be converted to energy. Then of course there are the many specific issues that are unique to your body ( thick blood, etc.) You have to combat all of these at the same time otherwise you run the risk of trying to get your car to run again by just changing the tires and the engine still needs to be repaired. I hope this helps you..


larry - March 29

A suggestion on ginger tea- buy fresh ginger and steep some fresh slices it hot water. THis makes your own ginger tea. Also you can buy crystalized ginger and eat that straight. It tastes like candy as it is sugar coated ginger. The asians have been using ginger for centuries to battle inflammation.



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