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Are these problems caused by Fibromyagia?
7 Replies
katiebird - August 9

Hi there - I have had Fibromyalgia for 15 years that I know of. I have gone through accupuncture and saw a Chiropractor for years, but nothing seemed to help. It was muscle spasms that finally led me to a Rhuematologist who said I had Fibromyalgia. It was a relief actually because I thought I had something much worse.
I have all the usual pains in my muscles and have a problem sleeping but now I also am having a problem swallowing (food and pills sometimes feel like they are stuck),my eyes are blurry, my hearing in one ear is not always clear and now I am experiencing pain on one side of my jaw with my gums and teeth. I have had a scope done for the swallowing, my eyes and ears have been checked and everything seems okay.

Is anyone else having these problems? Someone told me that where ever there are muscles, you are going to have a problems and pain.

One more question - I broke my ankle years ago and some days I can hardly walk. I realize it could be arthritis but is it possible the Fibromyalgia is also affecting it?

I appreciate any help you can be to me. Thank you


kentucky girl - August 9

Hi Katiebird:

I too have the muscle spasms, mostly in my back, but recently I have been experiencing muscle spasms in my esophagus. It feels like I can't swallow. These usually last about 3-4 days at a time. The spasm usually starts in the center of my chest and radiates up into my throat. It will go the length of my intestinal tract. I have also had the scope which showed that everything was normal. I have an appointment with my gastroenterologist next week as the spasms are more frequent and last longer each time. My primary care physician prescribed a muscle relaxer but it doesn't seem to help that much. I hope the specialist can come up with something that can give me some relief. As for the muscle spasms in my back, I have added 400mg of Magnesium daily and that has helped a lot. I still have them occasionally, but not as bad.
I will let you know if my specialist comes up with something that may help you.

Kentucky girl


katiebird - August 9

Thank you Kentucky girl, I would be happy to know what your specialist says.
When I read some of the comments for other people, I realize I am not so bad off.
The problem with people with Fibromyalgia is that we look healthy and some people find if difficult to believe there is anything wrong with us.
My husband had a knee replacement a few months ago, and has never stopped complaining about the pain he is in. I realize he has been through quite a lot but he has never shown any sympathy for me. I waited on him hand and foot for the first weeks until I told him I could no longer go up and down the stairs so many times and he would have to take his meals downstairs.
He was suppose to have another knee replacement this year but I told him he would have to get someone else to look after him if he did. He has decided to wait until next year.
Looking forward to hearing from you. hugs


Stacey373 - August 9

Hi katiebird! There are definitely times when I am so thankful that I'm not as bad as some people on here. I realize that I could be so much worse, but I also have to think that what I am going through is quite enough for ME to deal with.

I sort of understand what you are saying with your husband not being sympathetic to you, but almost expecting you to be sympathetic to him. I went through something similar...I was going to school full time, was just diagnosed with Fibro, and I was still having to do EVERY thing in the house and with the kids. It all got to be way too much and I ended up quitting school. About a year later, my husband went back to school (laid-off from construction and decided to change careers)

I hate to say this...but I was very bitter and angry for quite a while. He expected me to be "sympathetic" to him because he had so much homework and not enough time to do it and many other things that went along with going back to school. I never got any sympathy or support or even a minimal amount of help...I still had to do everything plus homework and go to school every day on top of dealing with my health problems. didn't seem fair. It almost made me feel like his "problems" were more important than mine. Kind of like your husband "acting" like your health problems don't matter or don't compare to what he's going through. Does that make sense? LOL I have to assume that everyone goes through this because the truth is...when you are in feel like that is the top priority and that nobody understands what you're going through. And that's true for EVERY matter what it is. When you are in pain, that is the most important thing to you. Sorry if that doesn't make sense...I know what I'm "trying" to say....just can't type it out right! LOL

Anyways...I do think the Fibro is also causing problems with your ankle. I've noticed that anything I broke or had problems with in my younger years....are now bothering me alot more than what I think they should be. I'm sure some of it is arthritis...but I also think the fibro makes it worse.

Take Care, Stacey :o)


Lee2010 - August 9


I can completely relate to what you're going through. I have just recently had problems with my jaw and teeth. So much throbbing - and nothing would help! After a while it subsided and I was able to go to sleep. I've had it happen two or three times and it is miserable. Just one more thing for us to deal with.

I also broke my ankle - twice - in the same spot, within about ten years of each other. I did the whole physical therapy thing, but nothing is working. I am in constant pain and have very limited movement in the joint. I have actually been considering going in for an x-ray because the pain has become so intense I sometimes wonder if I somehow re-broke it. But in answer to your question, yes, I really do believe that the fibro somehow has made it worse. I don't remember it being this painful a couple of years ago. It just seems to get worse and worse now. I even had to resort to wearing my boot the other day just to make it through all the walking that I had to do.
I am convinced that the normal aches and pains of life are just magnified 100 fold when also dealing with fibro. I guess that we have to figure out how to deal with it in our day-to-day lives. I always think about the people on this forum who are so much worse off than me, and friends that are going through horrible things in their lives, and I'm just thankful for my family and friends who all understand and support me through my ups and downs.

Good luck with everything and I hope that you can find some relief. Take care.


katiebird - August 9

Hi Stacey - everything you said made sense to me.
It does help to hear someone else shares your problems - not that I wish you pain lol...

I hope everything changes for you and your husband starts giving you support and understands just how difficult it has been for you.

When my friends and children ask me how I am, I almost hate to tell them the truth because I feel like I am complaining.

I remember when I went to the Rheumatologist (probably spelled wrong) the first time and after examining me she said "Do you wake up feeling a truck has hit you"? That is so how I feel every morning and I am sure you do too. After taking a few pills, I start feeling a bit better except when I have to bend down and feed the dog.

Thank you so much for your kind words and help, hugs, katiebird


katiebird - August 10

Hi Lee - thanks so much for your response. It really helped me to know that you have been experiencing pain in your jaw and teeth - not that I want you to have pain but I know now that it is probably the Fibromyalgia.

What you said about everything being magnified 100 fold because of the Fibro makes such sense to me.

I think what you said about broken bones is right too.

Thank you Lee for your help, I really appreciate it. hugs, katiebird


Stacey373 - August 10

Hello! Actually in the past couple of months or so, my husband has been very supportive. When I found this website I ended up reading him some of the posts and he figured it all out pretty quick! It's really not all in my head and I'm not faking it! LOL

I totally understand about not wanting to complain. usually when someone asks me how I'm feeling I will just tell them "I'm fine" and leave it at that. My Mom will usually push a little further and ask me if the Fibro is bothering me today and I will just tell her, "yep, it bothers me EVERY day" and then she will usually drop it at that point. I learned years ago not to constantly be complaining. I used to always tell my husband what was wrong and what was hurting "today". I honestly think it got to the point that he was so used to hearing it, he just didn't listen anymore. But that was also during the many years of everyone thinking this was "all in my head" I don't know how he would re-act now. I think I was constantly saying something back then just trying to get someone to believe me, but I think it really did the opposite. I'm having one of those days where I feel like I have been hit by a truck...not much fun! Take Care, Stacey :o)



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