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B12 check your symptoms
3 Replies
axxie - June 12

B12 Signs & Symptoms Assessment
Wed, 02/17/2010 - 23:20 — hugominney
The table below allows you to enter your signs and symptoms and immediately read off your B12 deficiency status (in the boxes at the start and end).

It was developed by Dr Chandy over decades of caring for patients, and has been found to be extremely reliable. We recommend that you follow up with a blood serum B12 test; this means that you can document your B12 deficiency status (threshold 200ng/L); on the occasions when the table below indicates B12 deficiency and yet total blood serum B12 test returns a reading above 200ng/L, we have observed that the blood serum B12 levels will fall soon after. Total blood serum B12 is known to be a poor indicator of B12 deficiency status, and we are investigating a test for active-B12.


1.the table may change colour from white to grey to yellow to red - this is meant to happen to illustrate changing status
2.the table is written in JavaScript. if you have disabled JavaScript then you should download the document in Adobe Acrobat format
3.this page does not save your score. If you wish for a permanent record, please print off the form
B12 Status so far
please continue to check symptoms before confirming your B12 status Status will display here

Most common presenting symptoms (not attributable to any other current complaint or chronic condition)
Extreme Fatigue, Sleepy, Tired 5
Faints, seizures, Falls, Dizziness, Tinnitus 5
Blurred vision/blindness in one eye 5
Low mood, Mood swings, Weepy 5
Irritability, Agitation, Snappy 3
Tingling (Pins and needles) and/or numbness in hands and/or feet (Paraesthesia) 5
Depression (PHQ Diagnosis Depression Pathway must be followed) 5
Dry skin, Unexplained hair loss, Brittle nails 4
Gastritis, Loose motions, Mouth ulcers 5
Crampy pain, Stiffness, Weakness of limbs (neuropathic pain) 5
Constant headaches, Neuralgia (facial) 4
G.U. symptoms, Dysfunctional uterine bleeding, Incontinence of bladder and bowel 4

Most common presenting clinical features
* These are normal indications for the lab. for measurement of B12 and folate
Female subject signs and symptoms 3
Vegetarian/vegan 5
Excess alcohol intake 3
Unexplained anaemia (note: please check for other causes of anaemia) 5
Strong family history of PA/B12 deficiency 5
*Coeliac Disease 5
*Peripheral neuropathy or Optic atrophy 10
*Dermatitis herpetiformis 10
*Liver disease 10
*Gastrectomy or ileal resection 10
*Proven malabsorption 10
*Crohn's disease 10

Less common presenting signs and symptoms
Sore tongue 3
Red Beefy tongue, Bleeding gums, Glossitis 3
Cracking at the angles of mouth 3
Loss of taste, Unusual taste in mouth 3
Heavy periods, lower abdominal cramps 3
Loss of libido 3
Shortness of breath 3
Palpitations 3
Intermittent diarrhoea, Crampy abdominal pain 3
Loss of appetite, Loss of weight 3
Anxiety, Panic attacks 3
Confusion, Delusion 3
Premature greying 3
Alopecia 3
Pallor, lemon yellow complexion 3
Mild jaundice 3
Spastic movements of limbs 3
Memory disturbance 3

Less common presenting clinical features
Cancer of stomach, Cancer of colon, Renal cancer 3
Bulimia, Anorexia 3
Presence of other autoimmune disease 3
Myxodema, Thyrotoxicosis, Vitiligo 3
Hypoparathyroidism 3
Multiple sclerosis / ME / Fibromyalgia 3
Older patients ]65 3
Fair haired, blue-eyed of Northern European ancestry (rare in Africans and Asians) 3
Prolonged use of histamine H2 receptor blockers or proton pump inhibitors, Metformin 3
Low BP, Tachycardia 3
Cardiac enlargement, Ankle oedema 3
B12 deficiency of pregnancy 3
Malnutrition / poor diet / alcoholism 3
IF / Parietal cell antibodies positive 3
Chronic gastritis / H.pylori positive 3
Gastric atrophy 3

Less common presenting neurological features (may be present)
Impairment of touch/pain and temperature sensation in distal limbs
Loss of vibration sense
Romberg's positive
Paraesthesia, absent reflexes
Neuropathic pain (especially, may be one-sided)
Single-Limb Paralysis 5
Sub Acute Combined Degeneration (SACD)
Involvement of lateral column
brisk knee-jerk
extensor plantar
Concomitant peripheral nerve and posterior column involvement
Flaccid paralysis
muscle wasting
Atonic bladder
Visual Impairment due to:
Contraction of visual field
B12 Status so far
please continue to check symptoms before confirming your B12 status


January - June 13

Axxie - thanks very much for this. Interesting. It struck me that so many of the weird symptoms correlate with weird symptoms of celiac disease! Celiacs don't absorb vitamins well, so have all kinds of deficiencies. B12 is very hard to absorb, so sublingual is good - but shots from the dr. are even better. And, of course, the blood test to monitor your level.

Thanks again, this was informative. : )


axxie - June 15

Oh I've been pernicious deficience since my 20s. My gut just doesn't want to absorbe with the food I eat. It's hard to monitor your level of b12, if you get a bad lactose intollerent, IBS or a celiac attack you can be sure the numbers aren't going to be high you are better off to shoot yourself.

There is no harm done, as B-12 is water solluble.
The worst that can happen is a sleepless night or two then the body has time to elliminate what it doesn't need and you are fine. I know from experience.

Many peope get this B-12 drop because of how they eat or have bad ibs and that will do it and if they would just get a shot they take care of the problems, especially when you get restless leg symptoms if you get it alot, sure sign you got b-12 difficiency, the pills are for the birds, a shot will go further to take away those sign.


January - June 18

Axxie - this is a such a great post, I keep re-reading it.

Does your doctor give you B-12 shots to keep at home, so you can shoot them in yourself - or do you have to keep going into the office?



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