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Calcium vs. Osteoporosis vs. FMS Pain!!
4 Replies
iliveinpain - March 5

On Saturday, my massage therapist suggested I give up calcium as she believes I may have too much of it in my body, which is causing the tightness in my muscles. While I've heard of this happening, I also worry that being a 57 year old menopausal woman I may develop osteoporosis if I don't get enough calcium. Just fyi, I currently take 3 calcium supplements a day which total 1500 each day. I already have oesteopenia, which isn't osteoporosis, but isn't a normal reading either and the step before the development of actual osteoporosis. I'm already at risk, since my mother has osteoporosis, and I've had the osteopenia at bay for quite a few years already. This is the same dilemma that we all face. Well meaning people who give advice, trying to cure us, and really, just maybe, aren't as well informed as they believe they are. My massage therapist is a good 20 years younger than me, so currently doesn't have to worry about osteoporosis, nor does she have fibromyalgia. She isn't a doctor, and while medicine is NOT an exact science, it's what we have. I'm following my doctors instructions and I'm sure if I ran this past her she'd disagree, but would like to hear from other women out there in my age group and their thoughts on this. This comes on top of being told to exercise by my husband. My answer to him is, picture yourself hurting and exhausted with a bad case of the flu and I tell you, well, you'll just feel better if you exercise. Same thing! I'm just so incredibly sick of this!!! :(


kvc33 - March 6

You may not know this but there is some debate in the medical community as to whether calcium even helps with osteoporosis. Did you know that the countries with the highest calcium intake also have the highest rate of osteoporosis? I took one pill of every day calcium for years because the media said I should. It made me very sick and was the beginning of 17 years of severe CFS. I was nauseous for two and a half years every day and didn't know that it was the calcium that was causing it. I had my mineral levels tested with a hair analysis and it showed that my calcium was sky high. I have also heard many times that the bulk of our bone mass in made in our youth and so it is important for young people to do weight bearing exercise as that increases bone mass. If you can't exercise you could try doing isometrics. Research it. For instance if you go up to a wall and press against it with your arms and hold it for 30 seconds and do this regularly the body responds by building muscles and bone. You might want to research other ways of dealing with osteoporosis other than taking calcium. If your problem areas are upper body you can try lifting light weights such as cans of soup.


Jocelyn - March 6

You are in the same boat as me. I have osteopenia and am on the same does of calcium you take per day. I really don't know if it helps. My mother had osteopinia too and rarely took her calcium. I just don't know what to believe is right anymore. My back muscle are also tight. My PT says it is from my sitting down job and no exercise. Well, I, like you, can scream while exercising and suffer such a flare, no one but someone like us would believe. I litterely thought I was going to end up in a wheel chair the flare was so bad. I am still coming out of it, but just doing stretching. But I like the idea of isometrics, I am going to reasearch that further.


kvc33 - March 6

You might want to try an inversion table to stretch out your back. If you have problems with low blood pressure though it wouldn't be good for you. You just lie there at an angle and gravity does the work for you. Check it out.


Jocelyn - March 9

Yeah, my husband said that too. Someone at work has one. Maybe I can try a stretch and see if I like it!



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