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Karkel - December 13



Fantod - December 13

Karkel - There is no clear answer to your question. You need to be very clear with your surgeon and the anesthesiologist that you have Fibromyalgia (FMS). This needs to be repeated every time that you see these doctors right up until you are wheeled down the hall to OR.

If you Google fibromyalgia and surgery you should find some quidelines. We can not post links. The basics are not being in an unnatural position or any one position for any length of time, not having your arms extended away from your body during surgery or afterwards and using a neck collar for extra support.

I had surgery last fall on both feet and came through it fine. I would caution you to allow more time for recovery and that you will also likely require more pain medication. And, when you are ready to stop taking pain meds, step down from them gradually as opposed to stop taking them altogether. I made the mistake of stopping my Darvon cold turkey and the end result was not pretty. My pain level was off of the charts because I did not think things through. Other than that my recovery was unremarkable.

I hope that this answers some of your questions. Take care.


axxie - December 14

Karkel, I think you have good advice from Fantod, As for mentioning to both doctors, that's why prior to surgery you get to meet the doctor who will operate you and the anesthesiologist.

I think with all operations you get a neck support? or at least all of them that I had, I always had it......

As for the medication, two things, take your pain medication, take it first sign of pain, not when you have tolerated your pain for hours. Another thing, is make sure you start moving as soon as you can, this will also help you with both the operation and your fibro. The more you wait, you loose the tone and it's twice as hard to move and more pain you are in.

Good luck to you



I have had two surgeries since I have had Fibro. I had a hysterectomy and also a surgery on my stomach. I definitely KNOW the healing process is slower and the pain level is probably higher than someone without Fibro.
Pain has always been my worse enemy. But I needed to have the surgeries so I went ahead and did what needed to be done.

You stated that YOU NEED to have these surgeries, I would advise having them. Like everyone else has said, ensure the surgeon and your doctor know about the Fibro. You will be alright, just a little harder.

Take Care


msgb - December 26

I had three kidney stone surgeries this summer. I have Fibro and I also have chronic fatigue. I have had fibro since 1992 though it was not diagnosed for a couple of years. I had to have at least two of these surgeries the other was the shock wave treatment to break up the stones. I had a stint in after two of these treatments. I have had more pain since then. Before these awful things came to light this summer (I didn't know I had them), I had m fibro under control--or a control I could live with. I would get tired and I would have little flares.
Now because of the surgeries I am in flare. I had to have these surgeries because the pain of the kidney stones was beyond words.
I am having massages and I am using heating pads and trying to relax to a degree.



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