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Chest pain every 28 days
8 Replies
Eenerme - March 30

My newest fibro symptom is chest pain during the already lovely PMS days of the month. This all started last December and as time goes on it seems to be getting worse. I went to ER last month... Heart,lungs ext checked out all good (I did leave against medical advice) I got the feeling the docs completely ignored my fibro. or they thought I was "pill shopping" which I have enough of those, I don't want more pills what I want are answers. Any other ladies out there having this issue?


eriey - March 31

I also get chest pain with my fibro. I've also gone to the ER and everything checks out ok. It's scary. I've been doing accupuncture and that seems to help. I know the menstrual cycle can make fibro symptoms worse, but I unfortunately have so many female problems I can't pinpoint exactly in my cycle when the chest pain occurs.

Thanks for posting this! I'm sorry you're having chest pain, but it's sadly comforting to know I'm not alone.


Jocelyn - March 31

I too have had chest pains and had to see a heart doctor to have it checked out. Everything checked out fine. However, I continued to have the pains for a long time, until one day they just went away. Of course new pains have popped up. Fibro has so many faces, it drives one crazy.


Eenerme - March 31

So sorry to hear their are more like me out there, but also relieved to hear I'm not alone. Your right... having this darn condition makes it difficult to plan anything. I have lost hundreds of dollars on event tickets because of the fibro, I've learned to purchase insurance or buy last minute. Every time I get use to pain in one particular place it seems to move to another and worsen. It's such a shame how fibo can dictate our day to day lives... But their IS good news, it's gets better. Even on the worst of the worst painful days I know it will get better, eventually :)


fibronurse - April 11

hello....chest pains? and/or rapid heart rate. what are you doing when they start. do you wake up wth them? can you move or call for help with them? of course..check ekg..thyroid studies. i have svts. i will wake up. heart rate through the roof. can not call for help or move. heart palpitations as well. everything gets complicatd when we are on so many meds..or going off a med..etc. please dont just ignore d/t frustration. may be anxiety. not uncommon for anyone with chronic condition. OR could just be part of the mystery that is fibro.


bluesbrrd - April 11

Yes, this sounds oh so familiar! I went to Dr.'s Care one evening when I was driving around and suddenly thought I was having a heart attack!!!!
They did an ekg and it was normal, thankfully! When you strain the muscles that are attached to your breastbone, they can give you shooting pains and spasms. My mom told me it's called acostochondritis - she had worked in the er and the burn unit and became an eeg tech, and she could answer ANY health question, which I, who much preferred books to anything resembling bodily fluids, would not know in a million years!!

Heart disease is one of the if not the top killer of women, and better safe than sorry, especially when women have different symptoms from men. I had a full workup done last year, of all the pulmonary systems and blood work, basically to find out if the stress was killing me. I was actually pretty healthy, except for some elevated cholesterol and blood pressure.

It's so bizarre to me, that you can feel so terrible, and actually be in pretty good shape. It made me feel better to know that my body wasn't actually falling apart - but some days you wonder! I have weird spasms and pains everywhere - just like you guys!

I was joking with the doctor before the ekg, and told him I would have no idea if something was wrong with me - how am I supposed to tell if everything hurts all the time regardless! I wouldn't know the difference!

Any pain I already had was ALWAYS worse during my period - it wwould be a preview of what life would be like after my hysterectomy. Water retention and progesterone levels make fibromyalgia pain worse.


annarnusa - April 14

wow chest pain,palpitations PVC's and all generalized pain gets worse usually one week before your period, much worse the day before your period during your period and after, like you don't already enough pain to deal with, my breasts heart I have cramping of unbelievable proportions sometimes I think back to what it felt like giving birth to my 3 boys { i did that without any pain meds did not have fibro then) it is that bad.


ldylarke - April 20

the chest pain is called Costochondritis and is very common for Fibro patients. it is my most major source of pain, in fact. heart palpitations are also common for us, it could be blood pressure. You might have your doctor test for Postural orthostatic tachycardia syndrome (POTS)


nikita3 - April 23

When I was first diagnosed with fibromyalgia I was actually going to the doctor because I was having chest pain (Costochondritis) and heart palpitations, among other things, which were becoming increasingly more worrying. He put me on Inderal rather than any specific Fibromyalgia medication as he knew about how they don't work for a lot of people and can cause more side effects. The Inderal has helped enormously. I still get Costochondritis pain and heart palpitations occasionally, but they are minor and don't worry me much now. However, it hasn't helped with the fatigue or pain so I'm still trying different vitamins and things to find a solution for those. For me fatigue is the biggest issue, not so much the pains.



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