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chronic cough
4 Replies
linda brown - June 17

hi everyone, I just wanted to ask if anyone else is having a problem with chronic cough with lots of phlegm. I've been coughing now since Feb. 08 and can't get any relief even from my doctor. Any advice would help, thanks and good health to you all.


islandguy - June 17

Hi Linda:
A couple of suggestions:....1) Quit smoking! ..... 2) Move out of Florida.
Just kidding but could not resist ! It's just one of those days I guess....too many meds....take care...


islandguy - June 17

Shoot..... I knew I would get this wrong. It is JJ1 that lives in Florida.......duh....


charliebrown08 - June 20

Hi, linda. I have had the same problem for years and after many prescriptions and befuddled doctors, I tried a candida cleanse from the health food store and it cleared my cough up in about a week. Noticed a difference after a few days. Because of the diet I went on with the cleanse I assume that I have food allergies and I would bet from my reaction to certain foods that they are sugar (I eat a lot of sweets), white flour or wheat or gluten, among others, but these prove to be the worst. Once you have cleansed your body of the yeasts you can go back to eating things that bother you but only a bit at a time or you will have to cleanse your body again. Hope this helps you. I am couphing as I write this and before the night is over I will have my head over the toilet bowl. Needless to say, I haven't been following the diet and need to get back on it. Try it, I know it will help you.


Fantod - June 20

Linda, Do you have a problem with acid reflux? If you are aspirating stomach acid into your lungs that will result in a chronic cough. Even if you don't think you have reflux it might just be subtle enough to be causing the problem with you being unaware that it exists. Have you been evaluated for asthma or allergies? Just a couple of ideas to toss around. Take care.



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