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Chronic headaches and dizziness.
13 Replies
Landi - October 14

I was diagnosed with Fibro three years ago, I suffer from chronic pain, take trigger shots every two weeks, eight or mora at a time on my sore poins in back, neck, etc. I have major chronic fatique as well and unable to sleep soundly.I have now statrted to develop chronic headaches
and dizziness which leave my stomach upset. I have dry eyes, clolitis, frequent uniary problems to the point I feel secure using a Kotex incase I'm not near a bathroom. I am 62 years old and never had of this condition untill three years ago. My so called ' Golden Years" suck after working all my life, healthy, strong. The hardest part is my own children and familt doubted my illness since I look healthy. I am still trying to learn how to cope with horrenous condition and need support not sympathy.


Topa - August 26

I understand your situation!!!!!!!!!! I was diagnosed 9 years ago. My pain is unbearable every day. I was so bad I was unable to continue working - a job I loved and had for 21 years. The hardest part of this illness is indeed the doubt from family members, and even some doctors. I was treated with antidepressants for 4 years prior to finding a doctor that diagnosed me. I had body scans, mri, blood tests, counseling, numerous physicians. The one thing I realized was I cannot worry about people who doubt. I know what I am feeling. Support groups such as this helped. To know that others out there are suffering the same as me. I have collected articles and pamphlets on this condition since 1997. I keep everything in a file together. I offer this information to family and friends if they want to learn more. But don't depend on them. You need to take control. I am on total disability now. I am still learning my limitations. I suffer from migraines almost weekly. I do believe the headaches are triggered by fibromyalgia. Headaches can come from muscle tension. When I clean house or even shop for groceries, the use of my arms causes the arm, shoulders, upper back, and neck muscles to hurt. I believe this then triggers headaches. The best prescription for my condition is "to pace myself". Again, your family and friends may start accusing you of being lazy. Let it go. Take care of yourself first.


tonyab1838 - August 27

I have strange headaches also. I have noticed that when my neck flares up, I get headaches from the base of my skull up to the top of my head. Sometimes it feels like electrical shock and then other times it is a shooting pain. I have had really bad episodes to where the pain went into my left ear and up the left side of my head. It normally only lasts a day at a time. It is very exhausting. If it wasn't for the swelling in my left arm, I think that people wouldn't believe me. I know how it is to have people not believe you but you know the pain is real. No one else will ever know how it feels unless they have this disorder. The bad thing is my life and so many others, such as you, has changed. I don't go out anymore and if I do I have to be careful to make sure no one bumps into me. The pain itself is enough to make a deep impact on your life. This is the best website to go to for info. and people that understand and care. Take care and God bless!!


Jan - August 28

I have had a chronic backache, neckache, headache for over 3 weeks now, and it is driving me insane. Along with fatigue, I can hardly functure thru the day.
The headache, althou constantly there, does flare up from time to time, and at those times I cannot bear any bright light.
The newest symptom I am getting is extreme shortness of breath, which I don't think has anything to do with FM.
I was walking up to the shops with my daughter earlier, a nice short walk, and I bearly made it there and back, couldn't get my breath and my chest felt very heavy and tight. It took me a couple of hours to recover from that.
I was diagnosed with FM only about 6 months ago, althou I think I have had it for a couple of years now. And over the past few months things seem to be going from bad to worse for me. It is becoming unbearable daily, just to do the things I usually do, daily routines etc.


Landi - August 29

Thank you all for responding and offerring me support. I am so greatful I am not alone and can depend on friends who understand.Bless you all for your kindness, I am so exhausted living wih this chronic pain and all the side symptoms that goes wih it, But I keep trying to saty in good spirits inspite of my own friends n family not understanding. At Least I have you now to share my woes and u all understand. I Love U All


Jean - August 30

I have had Fibromyalgia diagnosed for four years now. Family and friends are very important and they need to be educated about your condition so they understand what is going on with you. It is difficult when they can't see the physical ramifications of this condition. Also I'm hearing alot about pain and it is dibilitating. Hopefully your doctors are giving you something to handle this like an opioid. Some doctors do not like to do this but suffering with pain every day can only bring your health further downward and making your symptoms worse. Talk to your doctor about pain management. You have been diagnosed six months ago and you are at the worst stage of it. You need a little extra help to alleviate the pain. Also start doing slow stretching exercises to lengthen your muscles and continue with this because it does help. I lost my job to this condition and still trying to get my life back. Yoou are not alone.


Jan - September 5

Thank you Jean, your words are very encouraging :o)


Ann-Marie - September 17

TONYAB..just read you entry here and you could be describing my headaches and neck pain exactly. I get some comfort knowing that I am not alone. Take care XX


tonyab1838 - September 17

You take care of yourself Ann-Marie, if you want to talk my e-mail address is [email protected] That goes for anyone.


inez - October 12

together with the headaches, does anyone experience weird vision? I went to the eye clinic and apparently nothing wrong, but I battle to read!! (sometimes worse than others)


tonyab1838 - October 13

Inez, I have had what I call "saran wrap vision". It will come on all of a sudden and sometimes last for an hour and then it corrects itself. Take care and God bless!


jean - October 13

Hi Inez. Yes I do have vision problems. I too had no answers with the eye exams for two years. Then finally it showed up on an eye vision test. Double vision. Ask your optomotrist to consider prism lenses to see if your muscles in your eyes are not working together. At least you'll be able to read.


Inez - October 13

Thanks Jean, I will definitely try that. I have an appointment with the proffessor who is treating me tomorrow - will also ask him. Maybe I can share some wisdom...


Jean - October 14

Let me know how it goes. Good Luck :)



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