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Chronic Leg Pain
114 Replies
Jesusgirl - February 25

You are not too young. I was diagnosed with Fibromyalgia when I was 30 years old by a Rheumatologist on my first visit. I had already been to my regular doctor. I have pain in my hands, muscle pain in my whole body, I have all of the 18 tender points, extreme fatigue, TMJ, the irritable bowel that's part of it, trouble sleeping, and even numbness in my left hand. I've since developed ridged nails, gum and mouth pain, headaches, dropping things, sensitity to cold,and leg pain. Try another Rheumatologist. :)


1joyjoh0624 - March 2

My leg pain has gotten so bad I have trouble walking especially up the stairs. I was checked for PAD by a Neurologist the test is a EMG lower extremity which was negative. The leg pain of Fibro does mock those symptoms.


Ammycin - March 5

Hi, Not like that, If you have a pain then take Generic celebrex. It is used to reduce inflammation and ease mild to moderate pain for arthritis. see more info at Anyway consult your physician before take it.


octavia7 - June 13

hi, I am new to this site and hope to get some input from people. I have fms and have a lot of pain all over. I also have leg pain and severe foot pain. My legs feel like they are bleeding at times, i have venous stasis and am concerned because it is getting worse, also have spider and vericose veins and last week when i was shaving my legs i nicked a vein and blood shot out everywhere, it really freaked me out, Blood was everywhere and i yelled for my husband to come help me,grabbed a towel and wrapped it around my leg until the bleeding finally stopped. Now I am afraid to even shave because I don't want it to happen again. Any suggestions, comments from anyone? Thanks.


julissarodriguez - June 13

Hello Octavia,
I have had FM for years now, and I have severe leg pain on a daily basis. Believe me when I say that I know the pain isnt anything we can put into words. I dont have any varicose veins, but my mother has tons of them, tons. She tells me that they are painful. So, it sounds like you have pain due to multiple factors. first, you have fibro, then also you are having pain due to the varicose veins. I am so sorry that you too are going thru this.. Regarding the shaving, maybe buying a electrical shaver instead of the blade kind would help ...



craftydr - January 24

I too have leg and foot pain, but mine occurs mostly at night. I have taken Klonapin for years for restless legs but now my legs start hurting duing the night along with the bottoms of my feet.
I don't get the burning pain, just pain and I too asked about PAD as I am probably prime for that as well, but my doctor said I have good circulation in my legs. So I am glad to know that others who have fibro are also having the leg pain and some with foot pain. I am not happy you have it, but at least I don't feel like I am crazy. My legs and sometimes feet do hurt during the day whether I have them hanging down while sitting or raised, but night is the worse.
I was diagnosed in 1999 and this leg pain only started in the last couple of months.


[email protected] - May 27

I can certainly relate to what you are describing as I suffer from debilitating calf pain. I was diagnosed with fibromyalgia in 1987 but suffered for 10 years before that with various sore tissue complaints and joint pain. It began when I was 35 and of course, the doctors then thought I was a hypochrondiac. Ten years ago, the calf pain really became a problem. I've had to sell a house with stairs as I could not handle them.

I have been taking steroids for the past 10 years off and on for pain and finally two years ago I asked to be put on them as a maintenance program for life as I simply could not cope with the pain.

In addition to the fibro, I have osteoarthritis in my hips, shoulders and knees. The rheumatologist told me he knows I also have a type of inflammatory arthritis but does not have enough clinical evidence to diagnose my case. Nothing shows up in my bloodwork but he strongly suspects it is rheumatoid arthritis. 20 years go when I lived out west, I was told I had lupus. When I moved home the doctors here would not give me that diagnosis without seeing more proof than one elevated ANA level, which is what the doctor out west used to diagnose lupus.

I find the depression that accompanies fibro to be terrible. I am a classic type A personality who was always going and doing and I'm gradually being reduced to a couch potato. I have to say that when I feel good, I feel great. When I don't know how I feel. Walking is practically impossible for me when I am having a flare up and I basically stay home when I have a hard time walking.

I wish I could offer you some advice to help you but all I can offer is my understanding and support. You are certainly not alone and the worse part is you are so young. I sincerely hope some form of medication will soon be found to help with symptoms and pain. There are just too many people being disabled by this disease. God Bless You.


Suzan - July 4

I just found this site tonight while researching on the horrible pain in my calf muscles and shins. I am so sorry there are so many with fibro and suffering. I am so happy to have found this site to share with others who understand. I have Sjogren's Syndrome a form of Rheumatoid Arthritis and fibro but this leg pain started about two months ago and has been getting worse for some time. It seems to flare with stress or when I over do it. Getting out of bed or up from sitting is almost impossibly sometimes. I have to take baby steps with my feet pointing out to move and then as I walk some I can put my feet our straight. I take Alive or Tylenol arthritis and this helps. Sleep is not helping, massage is not helping and both used to :( I am 48 and was diagnosed just last year after switching doctors to one who actually listened to me and did the tests I wanted and then sent me to an excellent rheumatologist when I asked her to. It is critical to have a doctor who listens!!!! Who does not brush off what you have to say on how your body feels. I went from the time I was 30 till the age of 47 with test and tests and no doctor helping me...they kept trying to blame it on hormones or depression! Oh well, it is at least diagnosed now. The bottoms of my feet are often sore along with my upper back, shoulders, and collar bone area. I read in one of the posts where a woman pushed herself through the pain and walked as fast as she could. I to push myself through the pain :) I am a photographer and I travel and I an not going to let this win. I do feel better, relativity speaking once I get moving with the Alive or Tylenol working :) So glad to have found this place. I wish well being and freedom from pain for all of us!


lisagosling - July 13

hi everyone i am 25 years olds and have just been diagnosed with fibromyalgia, i also have a under active thyroid. i have a 4 year old boy, a 2 year old girl and a 1 year old girl. i look after my three children on the week days with partner and work on the weekends. after my last child i suffered postnatal depression to the point i was suicidal i have never experienced something so terrible and the worst thing about it all is that nobody understands what you are going through and thinks that you are just lazy. i constantly have to push myself to sit up out of my chair and chase after my children. my doctors are not very helpfull and blame everything to fibromyalgia and no medication seems to work. the pain i feel in my calves is the worst of everything, it is a constant bone pain with weird sensations. my left sacroiliac joint has difussed form sclerosis which is hardening of the skin, and from my hip bone down to my left toe i suffer sciatica. if i tense my toes my leg cramps up and locked to the excent that i cannot unlock it and will cry with pain, i wake up with intense pain because my leg has locked. my pelvic area is all tenderness my stomach is sensitive and it hurts when the children press on it, i had the mirena coil inserted which i have removed myself thinking that this could of been added to my pain. my chest bone feels as if it keeps popping out and my body feels as if everything is in the wrong place. my arms are tense and you can see the muscles bulging out of place i have tight hamstings which kill. i see a massagist once a month who gives my a deep tissue massage she tells me my muscles are terrible and that my shoulder blades have lots of knots and down the right side of my spine are millions of knots, she gets them out only for them to return not long after. i need something to stop the constant pain any information would be appreciated as my doctors are hopeless at helping me to control my symptoms and i am fed up of feeling this way. i see everyone else is suffering with the leg problems and it helps a bit to see someone understand this disease and what i am going through i just hope that people will understand that it is a disease we are suffering and need help.


kmgrey71 - December 31

Wow, I didnt realize that, possibley, fibro could cause this kind of pain in your legs....I can't stand or walk for more than 5 mins without my legs hurting so bad....cramping at night is horrible...I also have back problems which I know cause my left leg to fall asleep when walking. Just had 2 test done on my legs and they came back fine. Makes me wonder, is it really Fibro? I can't take much in the way of meds, my body doesn't like them. Been on cymbalta and lyrica and now can't take them anymore....I have been on naproxen from my rhuemotogist seems to help a little but not for very long....I wish there was more that could be done for us....Maybe one day!!!!


cactus1539 - January 1

A proper diagnose is so important. For several years I have experienced chronic recurring calf pain (burning) in both legs. My doctor tried a number of drugs, etc. then physiotherapy which seemed to help a little. At long last my doctor realized that my flat feet maybe a major factor. One leg was also found to be 1 cm shorter than the other(not that uncommon I am told). I was recently outfitted with special inserts for each shoe. My pain has been greatly reduced almost overnight.


January - January 3

Hi kmgrey - it's possible that your muscle cramps are caused by mineral deficiencies. You might want to ask you doctor to test your blood. Or you could try taking a vitamin/mineral supplement. Magnesium helps a lot of people, but it is hard to absorb. Some people recommend transdermal magnesium patches. Or you could try a form of chelated magnesium, better absorbed than magnesium oxide which is commonly found on the shelf.


mypain - January 5

Check for bursitis


mypain - January 5

Get checked for bursitis...


famof6 - March 29

I am 37 and was diagnosed with Fibro weeks after my birthday. Shortly there after diagnosis with Fibro, I was also diagnosed with Mono. I honestly thought I had the flu, but only the body pain and extreme exhaustion. I began on Cymbalta but that didn't work. I am currently on 900mg Neurontin. The pain is better but I have excruciating pain from my hips down. I can't sit for long periods or I can barely walk. My hips hurt to go up stairs and it seems the only relief I get is when I sleep. I am also on a sleep aid to help me sleep so the pain is actually more managable with better sleep. Currenlty I take 900mg of neurontin (and an extra 300mg on really bad days). I work at a desk and unfortunatly can't get up as much as I need to. I am extremely sensitive to cold. The pain is something most doctors seem to believe you may be "imagining" it, which at first I did think it was in my head...I do suggest if you feel you are not being diagnosed properly, seek a second, or third opinion!! Do go with what you feel and don't give up! I have now come to the acceptance this is a "disease" that I have. I run myself a lot between a full time job and my family with 4 children. Once I get wore down the pain is untolerable. For the people who have Fibro I wish us the best in dealing with it. I know it can be tough. Keep your head up and you do what you feel is best for you. Don't over do things. That is what I have came to realize. If you don't think you can do it, don't. Godspeed!


Jocelyn - March 29


I am so sorry to hear how poorly you are feeling. I have had your exact symptoms for years. The problem I had is the more I rested, because it felt good, my muscle became more painful when I did move. I was almost in a wheel chair, but went to a physical therapist. I'm not going to say it went well at first because it didn't, but I kept at it and I am now walking and the pains when I sit are decreasing. I think some of the pain we get is from the connective soft tissue. There is inflammation in there which makes things worse.

Keep up the fight and take care.



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