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cold weather good for me?
8 Replies
fishingflorist - November 7

Anyone else notice that during cold, not cool but cold weather you feel better? For I could npt tell you how long I have been in a flair. All of a sudden Miami finally got a cold front and I feel great! Haven't felt this good in I would say a year. Could there be a reason? I have no hives, head minimal, aches and pains not bad, can almost think clear. Whats up with this! If it keeps up I might be writing from Alaska! Any ideas why?


Noca - November 7

What do you consider to be "cold". Its 0°C here right now.


fishingflorist - November 7

will not that cold but we made 50. high was 67. I have the house wide open with fans blowing. I am loving it! That kind of cold. Not the D.C. weather I us to hate. And where you are yikes! Thats not a temp! So I guess the cold does not make you feel any better? :)


Fibrosukz - November 7

Well, im in canada and its low has been -3C and my body sure dont like it. My body is worse then its ever been, i would rather have summer back....i feel its gonna be a long painful winter ahead of me :o(


Fantod - November 7

No, my stiffness and overall symptoms seem to become worse. Especially if any rain/snow is added to the mix. All I can say is enjoy it while it lasts. Take care.


Stacey373 - November 7

I live in the Pacific Northwest and I am dreading the cold, rainy weather that we get when winter finally hits. So far, I've been pretty lucky and the weather has been back and forth from nasty to nice. But I know pretty soon the rain is going to start and won't stop until next summer and I live in the mountains, so that also means we get way colder and lots of snow!

I've been trying to talk my husband into moving south for a few years now...except his new job (once he gets out of school) is probably going to take us farther north to either Seattle or Canada....SIGH...can you say vacation home in Arizona?!? LOL

I'm glad you are feeling better FishingFlorist...I hope it lasts a while for you! Stacey :o)


axxie - November 8

Enjoy it while it last fishingflorist, I guess you are out of your flair. Hopefully it will last a long time.


Auvonto - November 8

no the cold is horrible for me. i hate it. i used to live in northern ohio and now in southern miss. and its really not cold comparitivly speaking but its kicking my butt


fishingflorist - November 8

Will that was short lived. I think it was the lack of humidity. It rained today and I'm back to hardley being able to walk, head ache, the whole nine yards. Thats OK at least I know there might be some good days still. I even got to go see a movie with out falling a sleep. AMAZING! Sorry to hear that it only helped me and you all got no relief.



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