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Could a c-section potentially bring on Fibro?
7 Replies
pokiok - August 25

Hi everyone,

I'm 35, had my daughter 2 years ago and since her birth, I have never felt great. Shortly after having the c-section, I started developing heart palpitations and general fatigue. Obviously, the fatigue didn't really bother me or worry me because I had a newborn and clearly wasn't get any sleep...

But since that time, I've just gotten progressively worse. Initially, I had gone to a chiro because of my lower back hurting, but it didn't do much to help the pain. Then I had an endoscopy and colonoscopy in order to rule out celiac disease. Which it did. So here I am, feeling more and more fatigued and exhausted as days pass. Here's a synopsis of my symptoms in no particular order:

Heart Palpitations
Short of breath
Dizzy or off balance
Stomach ache or nausea
Burning in the bottoms of my feet from time to time
Pain in lower back as well as pain in back in my left ribcage in the back, pretty much all the time.
Sometimes I feel like I can't even wear a bra or a necklace as it hurts or bothers me

and many more that come and go I'm sure but my brain is foggy so I can't even think properly!

I've had tests for celiac disease and that came back that I have a gluten sensitivity but not celiac. My GP also told me that I have EBV...

I've been so worried about it being my heart that I have recently gotten a holter, stress test, and echo, and all came out fine. So, what else could it be!? I'm so tired of being tired and sounding like a broken record saying "I don't feel good" or "I'm tired".

Also, back in 2003 I became so dizzy and weak they thought I had labrynthitis, which lasted for the better part of a month. Since then, I've always had balance issues and moments of feeling "off", just an fyi, I have no idea if it's related...

Please, any words of encouragement would be greatly appreciated!


Fantod - August 25

Yes, unfortunately, it could. Fibromyalgia (FMS) is a malfunction of the central nervous system. The mechanism that causes it is not understood. There is no accurate way to predict who will be affected as a result of trauma, surgery or underlying pain issues such as osteoarthitis or stenosis. There is no cure but it can be managed.

I would urge you to make an appointment to see a rheumotologist to get a firm diagnosis. There are other things that can mimic it like a thyroid problem. You can call your local hospital physician referral service and ask them for a referral to a rheumotologist and/or a pain specialist with an interest in Fibromyalgia (FMS). You could also go to the National Fibromyalgia Association website and register. Then you can see a list of healthcare professionals in your area that are fibro-friendly.

The problem you have with wearing a bra or necklace is called Allydonia and is common in people with FMS. I have it myself and there are days that I would rather not wear clothes at all except for the extreme terror it would cause among the general public (lol)...

A gluten sensitivity could certainly be contributing to your pain problems. You should be a on a strict gluten-free diet to see how much this helps your symptoms. You can find a lot of gluten free products in the regular grocery store now as well as in health food stores.

I know that you are feeling alone and probably pretty scared at the moment. I want to encourage you to continue to communicate with us while you explore your health issue. You are not alone and we will be happy to answer any questions or concerns that you might have in the future. God bless and take care.


pokiok - August 26

Thanks so much Fantod. I appreciate the advice and info. I've been having such a hard time because I feel like I'm just a shell of the person I used to be, with little to zero energy and almost like I'm lazy. I have great difficulty in keeping up my house and my concentration levels are next to nothing.

Overall, it's super frustrating and my GP keeps telling me it's probably just the epstein-barr but I really can't imagine that would be making me feel like this, for this long.

Again, thank you and I enjoy this community and it's warmness...


Fantod - August 26

You are very welcome. I remember how horrible I felt when I was first learning to handle FMS. It is a very lonely disease. We get dissed by medical professionals, friends and family. At least I have some place to go where I can be helpful and feel productive.

I forgot to mention that if you are going to see a rheumy, take copies of any recent tests that you have had. It will save money and time in getting to the root of the problem.

Incidentally, FMS is recognised by the National Arthitis Foundation and the Center for Disease Control. There are still a lot of doctors who refuse to acknowledge this syndrome. You will have to be your own best advocate and put your foot down if you are not being treated properly.

Good luck and let us know how things are going for you from time to time. Take care.


Kerrie - August 26

My fibro started 6 weeks after a c-section.


pokiok - August 26

Could you tell me a little about your story Kerrie? Like how did your symptoms start? That sounds to be around the time I first started noticing things so I'm curious...



Kerrie - August 26

I was really poorly a month before my due date, turned out i had HELLP syndrome(inflammation of theliver) ended up general anasthetic c- section.

6 weeks later i started experiencing awful pains in my upper abdomen, felt tired, spaced out and felt like i couldn't get thru the day. I then started developing pains in my chest aswell.

I have had minor aches andpains for years so maybe it was always there and the c - section has exagerrated it. My aches and pains i have had for years i put down to being agymnast when i was younger as myback,nech and shoulders have always aches.

Its hard to start with as you put tierdness etc down to having a new baby.

How did things happen with yourself?


pokiok - August 27


I had a very normal pregnancy, gained about 60 lbs though so had a tough go at the end, going up stairs, etc. Had 18 1/2 hours of labor with no progress, and finally ended up having a c-section. I remember the surgery experience was awful, I was basically convulsing on the table due to too much meds.

After that, I seemed to recover fine but about two months after I started getting the palpitations and I've slowly gotten more and more tired and achy, foggy, etc. It's just so frustrating and I don't want to go to the doc for fear they say that, no, you don't have Fibro, because, and for as much as I don't want this disease, I'm afraid of it being still unexplained, thus making me feel crazy.

Anyway, that's about it...thanks for chatting with me :)



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