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Could it be fibromyalgia?
4 Replies
sherwins.girl - April 30

Im a 26 yr old female wondering if the symptoms I have are indications of this condition.
Ever since I can remember I have had leg pain. It normally starts in my hip/lower back area, then proceeds down my leg(s)..It used to just be one leg at a time now it's happening to both at the same time the majority of the time..
I seem to have really poor circulation especially when standing or sitting in certain positions.. The pain I get feels like a mild to sever ache.. If I'm cold it's ten times worse..
Aleve used to be enough to calm the pain but now it's not working as well.. I have seen a doctor about it a long time ago but, as usual, they couldnt tell me what was wrong. They gave me a list of stretches to do.. I have poor flexibility as well but I really dont think that's the issue...
I was also reading about the whole dysmenhorrea that can be a symptom.. When I was younger I would have periods so painful I was taking pain meds from people who had serious conditions ;) Still get pain but its not quite as bad since I started bc..
So anyways... Let me know what you think..


Fantod - May 2

Have you seen an othopedic specialist? Your leg pain may be emanating from a problem in your back. I would also suggest that you see a rheumotologist to be evaluated for FMS. Take care.


Ana M - May 3

I was diagnosed with FMS and I do suffer from leg pains but also arm pains palms of hand, soles of my feet, shoulder pain and back pain. Before when younger I also had the worst periods. Like you, when the weather is colder my pains get much worst. It's hard to be diagnosed with FMS, the doctors need to rule out other things to come to that conclusion. But to give you an example, my leg pains can be ongoing pain that does not stop, to sharp stab like pain that comes and goes and when it comes you need to stop and take a deep breath and wait until the pain goes away, it's the kind of pain that you can't move. It's happened to me in my arms and palms of hands as well. I hope you feel much better. I do know that Acupuncture has helped me and also watching what I eat.


Fantod - May 3

Ana - Have either of you considered taking gabapentin for nerve pain. What you are describing may be helped by this medication. I used acupuncture too but I found after a lot of trial and error that gabapentin gave me the most relief from that kind of pain.


Ana M - May 4


I am going to ask my doctor. What dose amount do you take?

Thanks for that information.

Ana M



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