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could low testosterone be my main trouble?
4 Replies
tmckenzie - August 17

I have had trouble for 10 years, several drs have said it was fibro. I have gotten worse over the last few months, and had my dr test my testosterone. For my age, it was basically none there. I wonder how many men who have fibro actually have low t? I will start on treatment next week, I hope and pray that it is the answer. Cannot hurt as I am about ready for somebody to knock me in the head.


January - August 20

Fibromyalgia is different in everyone, and apparently has many different causes. As a female, I can't relate to Low-T, but I'm sure there are men who read this site and would like any further information you can provide. Please let us know if it helps you! Good luck with it.


Noca - September 26

I believe low testosterone is the source of my unexplained chronic pain and fibro like symptoms. I am close to having it treated, I pick up my testosterone gel tomorrow. My endocrine gave me an extremely high dose because my body's levels of T are extremely low and has caused my body to enter a state of severe andropause. Andropause has completely incapacitated me and brought me to near death. A human being cannot function without their respective sex hormones.


nancycrg - October 9

Just FYI January, I am a female with diagnosed fibromyalgia, my gyn has given me 2 very low testosterone shots for my tiredness, muscle aches, muscle wasting etc and it has made a TREMENDOUS difference in my life, I am 57. Even getting up to go to the bathroom in the middle of the night has changed from limping to the bathroom to walking!!!! I am so happy!


January - October 13

Hi nancycrg. Thanks for your information! I just read an article theorizing that a lot of fibromyalgia traces back to hormonal deficiencies!

I have been taking DHEA for a couple of years, but only 10 mg because there was so much controversy about it and cancer. (Some sources recommend 25 mg, even up to 50 mg.) I did notice some improvement in my energy level. DHEA apparently increases androgenic hormones like testosterone -- so your comment is very interesting!

I talked to my regular gyn. about bio-identical hormones - and he mentioned things like Estrace and methylprogesterone. However, after researching these, I found that they are not REALLY bio-identical. A new clinic has recently appeared near my area that claims to do this kind of HRT, so it might be worth checking into. I'm a few years older than you, and the muscles are definitely getting droopy! But it's my energy level and lack of endurance that is the main impediment to exercise. Thanks so much for your comment! Never give up, right?



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