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Cymbalta causing major sleepless nights
14 Replies
gohan2801 - September 16

So i have learned that the cause of my sleepless nights are the cymbalta, i have since stopped taking it but it has only been a few days. Last night i only got up 2 times as opposed to the usual 5-6. Has anyone else had this problem with this meds, any recommendations to any alternatives to cymbalta. I thin i would rather have a good nights sleep then the benefits of taking cymbalta although i have loved what it has done for me so far. Hope all of you are having a great day and take care.


Fantod - September 16

gohan - I'm sorry to learn that Cymbalta was causing your sleeplessness. Have you tried the newest FMS prescription drug Savella? It was approved by the FDA this year after being used in Europe for decades.

The other option you might consider is adding melatonin at night to help you sleep. You can buy it in any health food store. I use 1 mcg every night along with my prescription meds. I'm really sensitive to any medication so that is all I need. Some people can tolerate a higher dose. As with any medication, make sure that you understand how to take any homeopathic drug and the risks that may be associated with it.

If you were having good results with Cymbalata, why not ask your doctor to try again and either give you something for sleep and/or a higher doseage of sleep medication OR add melatoin and see if that helps. Decent sleep is a crucial part of managing the pain associated with FMS. Take care.


pfiinch - September 16

I take mine in the morning for that reason.Some people get sleepy and some energy.I am one that gets the energy from it.I also alternate 30 mg and 60 mg.Sometimes I skip only one day because to many days like 3 for me made the fibro act up.We all are wired a little different,so you sound like me I wake up on it and no sleepiness from it.Just try and do it different and see which is best for you.I also take my meds 2 hours before I go to work just in case.When you mix medicines they will act differenatley.I never take them all at once either and don't lay down because my stomache would get upset.Eat a little something toast or some milk to coat your stomache.

Good Luck
God Bless

Patti F.


ptalana - September 17

Hi gohan, I was on Cymbalta for about six months but have been taken off of it due to heart palpitations that I developed from it. As Patti mentioned we are all wired a little different. I personally had no relief from the Cymbalta, nor the Lyrica. As for Savella I'm a little nervous to try as there have been reported symptoms of heart and blood pressure problems resulting from this med. Right now I am only taking pain meds, and muscle relaxers.
I'm with you sometimes sleep (what's sleep) seems like it could be more beneficial than anything!!! If I get more than two hours sleep in a stretch I feel almost human.
Take care, Patty :)


pfiinch - September 17

Maybe he could give you something to help you sleep.They gave me xanx 1mg 2xs a day,but i take it how however much I feel I need but never more than 2mg,If he does be very caeful withit .They gave it to me for heart palpations also and it really helps me sleep.Good Luck you seem to be having a terriable time of it.We are here for you just as God is with you too.
God Bless you.

God Bless your healing and pain Amen.


mypain - September 18

I take cymbalta and ambien. I too like what cymbalta has done for me...I would encourage you to talk to your doctor about your night time issues...For people like us...sleep is most important...good luck


axxie - September 18

Hi gohan, cymbalta depending on it's strength seem to excite them. I was given a sleeping aid.

As of today, I'm still on cymbalta but reduced my strength and I'm happy to say, I don't need my sleeping aid. I do take my cymbalta in the morning.

You can ask your doctor to reduce your cymbalta, if it works for you, if it doesn't maybe you could try savella?

Talk your doctor and see what he/she thinks?

Good luck


gohan2801 - September 19

Thank you all for all of your replys, i was on the 30 and 60mg cymbalta until i stopped i used to take it in the morning and night then i realized that it was causing the sleepless nights then i took 60 in the morning, then 30 but nothing helped. So i stopped taking it, my doctor comes back on monday so i will ask him about sleeping pills to take with the cymbalta. I am curently taking a natural sleep aid that contains melatonin i started at 1 pill then 2 then 3 and still nothing helped until i stopped taking it. So when i go back to my doctor i will talk to him about my current meds and what i can do to make my life a little more comfortable. Thank you for all of your support and i hope you all are having better days then i am. Take care.


axxie - September 19

Gohan, your doctor may want to replace your evening dose of 30mg with Desyrel (Trazadone).

Desyrel works well with Cymbalta, I have no side affects and I sleep well, the only thing that I found with my 50mg was too much, I would sleep all night and wake up only around noon the next day. I was tired at the beginning so I now split my dose in two and seem to be fine.

Good luck to you and let us know what the doctor finally decided to do.


mimosette - September 22

I checked on, as I was wanting to take Traxodone , and it gave a MAJOR drug interaction warning for Trazodone and Cymbalta.


axxie - September 22

mimosette, thanks for the information, I shall pass on to my doctor. She btw said I had been on trazadone way to long and should try to sleep without it. The only interaction that I have with it, is I get up and I'm as tired?

Today I woke up at noon, with taking my trazadone full dose of 50mg and have brain fog, pain in every fibre of my body and no energy. I have taken by b-12 shot, b-12 pill, iron and a; c; d. Just not doing well............. most of the time my vitamins wake me up, but today, nothing, my ears are ringing, my sinus feel congested and I feel like I was beaten by a mac truck. I guess today will be about vegging with the cat.


gohan2801 - September 22

so i went to the doctor yesterday and he gave me savella lets hope that works, still got the cymbalta just incase. Hope everyone is having a great pain free day


pfiinch - September 29

I take mine in the morning and love it that way because it wakes me up and no brain fog.Some on the boars have switch to this and had great success.We all react differently to med.It takes time to find out if you should be a morning cymbalta of p.m. patient.Try and reverse them and see what happens.


Omgirl - February 4

I had the same symptoms as you on Cymbalta, woke up at night every two hours and it didn’t matter what time I went to bed or what time I took the Cymbalta, and it was every two hours on the dot which was very odd. Was on the lowest dose and only once per day, also took an anti-anxiety and muscle relaxants at bedtime that made me sleepy but it broke right through them. Unfortunately, Cymbalta was the only thing that helped my nerve pain but I stopped it because had to make a choice between the pain and sleep – Decent sleep won this battle as was going crazy with nutty sleep disturbance. Any luck with the new drug mentioned in this thread and what type of physican is best for treating fibromyalgia? A pain management doc prescribed the Cymbalta and other meds and I narrowed it down to Cymbalta as the culprit because had taken the other before. Also, I later found out that my sister had the same problem when she took Cymbalta for depression so that was interesting. Additionally, I’ve tried natural therapies such as tumeric, etc. with no luck so looking for some answers and suggestions on this website.


Omgirl - February 4

Any luck with the savella?



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