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Disability grant in South Africa?
3 Replies
Adaydream - September 29

Hello all. After nearly 9 months of bloodtests, rudeness, more rudeness and eventual diagnosis (I think it was made in desperation as I refused to go away without answers) I was diagnosed with fibro by the state doctors at a hospital in East Rand Johannesburg. It started in Feb this year when I failed to pass a simple transcription typing test to enable me to get work online. The next morning I dropped a plastic bottle with water and found I had almost no grip in my right hand. I went to hospital and I was diagnosed with carpal tunnel syndrome. I managed to get a temp disability grant as I'm on my own and dependent on myself to survive. This expires in Feb 2014. A few months later, when I started pressing the surgeon to operate (by now a small lump formed on my wrist) he rudely told me that I'm overemotional (I was crying with frustration and pain) and when I mentioned that the disability grant will run out, he told me he could not give me work, that he refuses to just cut joints, that I have polyarthritis (blood tests show no arthritis although I have osteoarthritis in both ankles very bad, can't walk properly) and I should see a psychologist. I did as I was told and saw a psychologist. I was given trepeline and tramadol. The tramadol helped for osteoarthritis, but not the other pain. Sometimes even my hair is sore. Ok, I'll skip the rudeness of various sisters ("you are an addict because you ask for tramadol" you are addicted so you are acting in pain" etc etc) I ended up at a female doctor. Hoping she would understand that I cannot take any type of anti-inflammatory as I've an hiatus hernia which by now with all kinds of voltaren injections, pills etc started bleeding - which is why I asked for tramadol, then at least I can walk - told me rudely that I'm an addict and must lose weight. I asked about ankle replacements to which she told me that "you're too old you will die". I then pointed out to my swollen right arm and fingers, to which she replied "I can't see any swelling". I tried in vain to explain the pain. "addicts get pain in withdrawal. You must take arthrexin" which gave me a rash. So I stopped that. Incidentally, I still had tramadol left from the July batch, but as everything is getting worse and I can't sleep at night, I am useless after midday, noise makes me lose my temper, I stay in an abusive place but it's all I can afford and my pets comfort me at leasT. I have to pay rent. I want to know if anyone knows whether fibro will be accepted as a debilitating condition by SASSA, and therefore, would I be a candidate for permanent disability? I need that money. It's only income I have and a roof over my head and losing my pets cause more stress and more pain and some days I can't even remember names of stupid things like door handles or doors. I use brazepam as have suffered anxiety since in my 20's (am 50 now) but I get panic attacks if I have thoughts of losing my pets. I'm most definately no addict but right this minute I wish I had finances to get some whisky. Basically these people refuse to treat me because they think I'm mad. Please, anyone. I'm desperate. At this stage getting out of bed to go to town is more than I can handle.


sukeanafischer - August 4

Hi there, I truly sympathise with you. I have been diagnosed with fibromyalgia in 2006. Every morning when I wake up I feel like I have been hit by a bus. I recently went to a doctor who told me I don't have fibromyalgia, "how can you still have fibromyalgia" he asked me. "I need to stop stressing". I feel so deeply depressed and tired. Have no energy to go work anymore, have to force myself everyday to complete daily tasks. No one knows what we are going thru. Strongs!!!!! I am thinking of you.

By the way, what was the outcome of your disability application.


jlo11 - October 19

Any news yet on the disability outcome?


ahidakar - May 5

If you find out please post here



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