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Do I realy have fibro?
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bridge - November 21

I was diagnosed 5 yrs ago with fibro.i have many days where I feel like I've been hit by a bus and sleep on and off all sleepy i almost feel drugged and my body is so stiff and aches something terribleI have the pressure points(my elbows,knees,shoulders and neck that are extremly sore to touch even)I feel almost toxic in my body.Then all of a sudden after days of this I feel fine.I also have severe arthritis in my lower back,a slippage of the L5 and a bulging disk.This is extemley debilitating and I can only walk for aprox 5 minutes.I can go months with no symptoms of the extreme fatigue and pain(welll most days I'm in physical pain)Just wondering if anyone else has periods of little or no symptoms???I feel maybe i don't have fibro and my body just goes in to shut down mode due to alck of sleep and stress.I am on paroxatine(anti depressant) and and sodium valporate for bi polar and depression which I hae suffered most of my life.I'm 47 yrs old .Is fibro something your born with or develpo some how?I have done a checklist and i meet the criteria but maybe am in denial.Maybe its a rheumotolgy problem.Any answers or advice welcomed


inot - December 16

HI....I was diagnosed by a rheumotologist with Fibro, and have spent a year trying to prove him wrong. He's not wrong. I too have a very bad low back, so I am in pain all the time anyway, but when the fibro flairs up watch out! I can't even believe that I can bare this much pain. On top of that I now have no dr. to help me. So no meds. I get depressed and SO tired of pain, and fatigue. But I still hold down a full time job on my feet 40 hrs a week. I just have to cry by myself once in a while. I hope you can find the help you need. Starting Jan. I am going to use each month to eleminate certain foods, one month at a time, to see if things I eat flairs it up. Good luck, don't over do when you feel ok, and learn to say no to things you used to be able to do. I take little bites of life now. It took me 4 days to decorate my xmas tree....used to do it in one day. take care! happy new year



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