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Does a CPAP machine reduce FM symptoms?
12 Replies
guateboy34 - January 22

Just found out from a sleep study that I have sleep apnea. I am about to go on CPAP therapy and wanted to know if anyone found a reduction in your fibro symptoms from using this device and treating your apnea?


Fantod - January 22

It should help with your overall pain level. FMS interrupts the deep sleep cycle with short bursts of high intensity brain activity. Your muscles need deep sleep in order to repair themselves from the days activities. No deep sleep means higher levels of pain which rapidly becomes a vicious circle. Between apnea and Fibromyalgia you have your hands full. The CPAP therapy should help but it will take some time for you to become adjusted to it and for your body to begin to heal. Good luck and keep in touch.


guateboy34 - January 22

Thanks for the insight. I have tried it for two days now and there is some getting use to it for sure. It is causing some nasal congestion but it will work itself out, I just need to adjust the humidifier. It just make sense that if you fix your oxygen deprived body from apnea, it should loosen the muscle tension you may feel the day after. That is my hope anyhow.


1joyjoh0624 - January 25

I have Sleep Apnea and use a CPAP. It does take some time to get use to it for sure. Sleep Apnea and Fibromyalgia can be linked. Unfortunately, I don't always get a good night sleep even with my CPAP. But you must use it because the consequences of Sleep Apnea can be dangerous to your health especially Fibromyalgia. If I can't sleep because of the CPAP itself, I try to use Melatonin. That seems to help. I won't say it is easy to sleep with a CPAP because it is not. But stick with it. It should help in giving you the deep sleep you need, less fatigue less pain. You know the vicious cycle. Hang in there!


chucksusanandgrace - January 25

I would definitely think it will help. From what I have been reading (and I know there are soooo many different theries) is that sleep deprivation is the main reason for all the pain. I would think if you can truly get a good night sleep then you should overtime feel much much better. I know my Rhuematologist told me in general if I am not sleeping, whether or not I have fibromyalgia - that lack of sleep can cause ALL of my symptoms that I am experience.

Many blessings to you and I really do hope that the Cpap works for you.




guateboy34 - January 25

update- Day 5 so far and I am now pretty much sleeping the night through with the CPAP, and a lot of my symptoms are starting to subside. My doctor also doubled my gabapentin intake so I think it has been a dual effort. I believe though, that getting better sleep now is making more of a difference! Let's hope any way. . .it could just be a good phase I am going through. We all know how this condition can wax and wane!


belle1329 - January 25

HI guateboy34

I had a sleep study done 2 weeks ago, Icant wait for the results, did you have to wait for your next appointment to get them or did they call you or you call them? My appointment is not until next month, and Id like some heads up before then. It would be good to know there may be a reason for my fibro/sleepless nights etc. May not be a good one, but at least I will know what im dealing with and there may be hope to deal with it. :) Thanks


guateboy34 - January 25

Hi belle1329,

I actually spoke to my doctor the morning after my test when I woke up and the preliminary results showed some apnea. However, my dodctor held off giving me a machine until he could go through the entire test to see all the results. I met up with him about a month later and received the machine. I go to Scripps Medical in San Diego and they are very thorough and informative. I know how frustrating it can be with the waiting game doctors put us through, that is why I travel over 2 hours to see my doctors just because of the quality care I get. Knowing is half the battle! Whether it be good or bad news. . .we all want to what we are dealing with. Unforntunetly not many doctors know much about fibromyalgia or want to deal with it.


belle1329 - January 26


Hi Thank you, I guess Ill give them a call. I know what you mean about some Drs. My husband used to travel from RI to Manhatton, NY for his throat (has a trache, that was caused by a Dr. that we cant prove, but anyway)...He now followed this Dr. who moved to up state New York, because he is confident in him. This is my first time with this Dr. She is supposed to be a speciaist in sleep disorders. Ill let you know how I make out. thanks for responding :)


dkarssen79 - January 28

Thanks for sharing this! This is very encouraging. I met with a sleep specialist on monday and I'm scheduled for sleep study tuesday night and friday night next week. He thinks that I do have sleep apnea and said that he thinks the sleep problems may be what's causing my fibro. I'm a little nervous about the sleep studies, but very hopeful that if it is sleep apnea the cpap will help and I will start to feel better. I also have a severely deviated septum that makes it difficult to breath through my nose. He also said I have large tonsils. He said if it is sleep apnea they will want me to have surgery to get my septum corrected. I've had sinus problems for years so if the surgery would help my sinus problems and my sleep that would be amazing! Reading what you have posted is very encouraging!!!


belle1329 - January 28

HI guateboy34.
Well I called my Sleep Study Dr office yeserday, they told me I had to wait to see the Dr to get any results and the Dr does not talk about it over the phone, My appointment is not until 2/17! I called my reg Dr and left a message to see if results were sent to her. I hope so, Its a shame I have to wait a Month! I would like to know at least if this maybe my problem and that I might be getting help within the next month. Here is your example of the waiting game doctors put us through,and the quality care I dont get. Knowing "IS" half the battle, some Dr just dont care they want there money for your next visit and thats that :(


danashubby - December 16

My wife has terrible fibro pain.. meds n all aren't doing it... but being a snorer myself I have a cpap,, going to try it... praying it works... any one else's results would be great
thanks all


mommalinda - March 22

I have dealt with Fibromyalgia for over 20 years. I have been taking 50 mg Nortriptyline at bedtime for many years. I would usually have more good than bad days. But the bad days would sideline me much of the day. I have always had extreme fatigue and stiffness that was especially bad in the mornings.
6 months ago I visited an ENT doc for a different reason. From the questionnaire I filled out for them the Doctor recommended I have a sleep study done. I ended up with a diagnosis of sleep apnea. My sleep study was not bad enough to qualify for insurance to pay for the cpap but the doctor recommended I do a trial with cpap. I left there VERY ANGRY about it. That was one thing I never wanted. But, because I am a good girl and do what I am told I stuck it out for the month before I went back to see the doctor.
I have to say that my improvement has been quite dramatic. For the first time in my life, when I wake up, my mind feels clear. I used to have to have coffee in the afternoon just to get through it. I now feel wide awake all day long.
I felt so good that I reduced my Nortriptyline from 50 mg down to 25 mg. I have had only one bad day in the last 5 months. I am astonished at how good I feel. I am retired but spend many many long hours sewing for a nonprofit a manage. I have spent 10 - 12 hour stretches at my cutting table. In the past that would have put me to bed for a week. I have had absolutely no problems. The only bad day I had was around Christmas when the emotional stress of it got to my back.
I want recommend that anyone that has been urged to try cpap to give it a try. I did try to get off of Nortriptyline completely thinking that the cpap totally cured me. That was a failure. But, my dose is reduced and I feel great. I LOVE my cpap even though I have to pay for it and all the supplies myself. I feel 10 years younger. I no longer clutch the railing coming down the stairs in the morning. I can ride in the car for 2 hours, get out at the rest stop and actually stand up straight and walk without problem. I could go on and on. In past years, during the winter, my shoulders were so sore I could not roll over in bed. I have absolutely no shoulder pain!!



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