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Does any of this sound like Fibromyalgia?
6 Replies
Jennica - May 11

I'm a 24 year old female. I've had all these wierd symptoms that started about 6 months ago except I've had TMG issues for a few years now. It started with a unirary tract infection, then I started to get joint and musle pain. (mostly joint pain in my knees) Then I got pain in my jaw like just pushing on my chin felt like the bone hurt. I also get pain under the sides of my jaw and up my neck. I get mild to very annoying headaches. I have pain under my arms very commonly. Sometimes I get tingling sensations in my fingers or my feet. I get dizzy spells out of the blue like I haven't eaten, but I do. I've always bruised easily(since I was a kid) but I seem to get more now(I don't know if that has anything to do with it), and I always feel so tired in the morning even if I've gotten 12 hours of sleep. Basically it takes a lot for me to just be like "alright it's time to get up!" Oh yeah and the wierdest thing: sometimes I wake up and notice my fingers feel like someone pulled them totally backwards and cause them to feel like temporarly sprained. Plus I've had 2 more urinary tract infections in the past 4 months. It also hard for me to get comforable with my bra strap on my right side. I'm constantly adjusting it, and I get so frusterated cause I just feel so uncomfortable! I don't know if any of this is related or familar to anyone but can someone please give me any info on what the hell's wrong with me? Oh yeah and it seems like I've lost weight instead of gaining it.


JJ1 - May 11

It could be. Your symptoms are very similar to mine prior to my diagnosis. Do you have any gastrointestinal problems (these also frequently are associated with fibromyalgia)? Does your pain get so bad that you feel you must have broken something or pulled a muscle. I finally saw a rhuematologist after umpteen visits to a orthopedic doctor for some of my more serious pains. You also should start by finding and seeing a rheumatologist.. A diagnosis of Fibromyalgia is done by elimating other illnesses with similar symptoms that are more easily diagnosed. A lot of your pains will likely subside if you can get restive and restorative sleep -- at least that is what helped me. I was prescribed Elavil (amitriptyline) for this. The only big difference I see is that I had a weight gain when I first started having symptoms rather than a weight loss, but everyone is affected a little differently. Good luck.


Jennica - May 11

Yes I do have gastrointestinal prolems. I forgot to mention that as well. Not only have I noticed my stools are unuasully watery since all this started I think I've been getting heartburn as well (the other night I woke up to it because it was so bad) and I never used to get heartburn.(so I'm not sure what it really feels like) I also sometimes have pain in the groin area that spread down my inner thighs sometimes. However all the pain I have is usaully pretty mild enough that it doesn't really affect my normal activities too much.


JJ1 - May 12

You can get heartburn and irritable bowel syndrome (IBS) as symptoms of fibromyalgia. My heartburn feels more like a burning in my throat rather than my heart. With IBS you can go from diahheria (I know I butchered the spelling) to constipation seemingly overnight. My IBS and most of my pains cleared up when I was diagnosed and prescribed the Elavil. I have less frequent and less severe pains, usually with stress and I have a bad case of fibrofog and cognitive problems. My heartburn is unrelated to my fibromyalgia (a hiatal hernia) so it is the same. Through all this, i have also been diagnosed with anemia and an inability to absorb iron from foods and vitamins and must get iron injections to keep my iron stores up. So when my fatigue and cognitive problems are at their worse, this has usually been when I am anemic.


jlh - May 15

I agree u should see a rhuematologist in order to dianoses fibromyalgia. Do not try to diagnoses it urself. Go to a GP and no answeres can be given ask to be referred to a rhuematologist. As we all know fm can present its ugly head in many different areas at many different times throughout the body. Hang in there ....u will find a diagnosis


lmb2 - May 22

i have that same problem w/ being so uncomfortable and tugging at my bra strap all day except mine is on my left side! I thought it was just me!


JozetteS - May 24

My braline hurts when I start to sweat. It almost feels like that area goes numb until I take the bra off. I literally wear a paper towel under my breasts in the bra to absorb sweat on hot days. Ridiculous!



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