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Does anyone else have problems with hyperventilating
3 Replies
iliveinpain - August 7

At times it goes on for days and I suspect it happens because I have muscular pain sometimes when I breathe and so I'm not even able to completely inhale. It makes me very aware of the breathing and it sets off this terrible cycle. I've been doing this for a couple of days already. I know it'll stop but while it's going on, it's terrible. It's not a heart or lung thing, I've been checked out, and I do suffer from anxiety alot. Just wondering if anyone else experiences this. Thanks all...


Gabbie - August 7

I also have breathing problems from time to time. It seems to come out of nowhere and I feel like I can't quite catch my breath. It could also be coming from the anxiety. Try sitting quietly and take slow, deeper breaths, inhaling through your nose and exhaling through your mouth. That often helps me. I wish you well.


reckaroo - August 8

I do. It often happens at night or when my anxiety is really bad. Do this a couple minutes a day and when your anxious,stressed or hyperventilating. My doctor taught me a way to control it when it's really bad. She says when people hit a certain age they only use the top 3/4 of their lungs . So you place your fingers interlaced loosely(so the tip of the fingers on both hands are just barely touching the first knuckle on the opposite hand)on your stomach just below the rib cage and you breathe in deeply enough to make your hands slightly loosen from each other. That fills your diaphragm(that 1/4 your not using) with air releasing more oxygen into the body. Which inturn relieves pain, stress and anxiety. Try this first when your not actually anxious or hyperventilating so that you have it down pat for when you are hyperventilating-and don't get anxious if your hands don't move much while doing this-it's very slight movement-hope this helps-I wish you the best of luck.


kathleen Paterson - August 8

i live in pain as well and i suffer terrible from this my mouth was so tingling yesterday and i am sure it was because i am not inhaling properly, i think it starts when i get all these abnormal sensations that send me into a panic .
i just take deep breaths and get on with somthing and try and take my mind off it
good luck and take care kathy



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