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Does anyone get really sick right before your period?
4 Replies
bmcgovern - December 19

I am getting ready to start my period and i am so sick to my stomach. I think it has to do with a hormonal imbalance not sure though. I have been dealing with this problem for 10 years now. Every time i am getting ready to start my period i get nauseated, upset stomach just feel really gross. The day i do start my period my stomach pain relieves for a couple days and once it hits the third day i get pain again. Does anyone else have this problem? I feel like i am the only one that this happens to everyone else who gets there period is just fine. Most people just get emotional. I get cramps but there really not that bad i just get bad stomach pain and am not sure why.


bbass - December 19

For me everything flares up week before my period. Worse IBS, worse body pain, and depression and anxiety. Thinks its all connected somehow


Sonja44 - December 30

Oh yes. I'm 46 years old so I had an endometrial ablasion. no more period. Yeah! no more pre-period flares.


tnichel - December 31

Yes, but my ob/gyn thinks I have pmdd. She put me on birth control but my rheumy told me to stop taking them b/c I have mild lupus and that could make it worse. The pain is so debilitating during that time. My ob/gyn suggested taking tylenol, motrin or whatever you prefer beginning 2-3days before your cycle starts to get ahead of the pain. Is your cycle heavy? Do you vomit? each is also a symptom of pmdd. If they pains are bad enough they can trigger a fibro flare so you definitely want to get that checked out.


fibrofreaked - December 31

yeah, sounds like my life. IBS flares, headaches, extreme fatigue, naseau, the works. I see Sonja 44 had ablation. I was going to but everything always goes wrong so I was afraid to. I had an IUD instead and then had to go on Birth control still having a lot of pain and breakthru bleeding. PS don't need pregnancy prevention husband had surgery years ago. I was 42 this week. Also have cysts on both ovaries. Have had period issues since teens. Three kids three c sections.



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