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electric shock headaches
42 Replies
Ann-Marie - September 6

Having read thru some of your messages I see that many people suffer from neck and back pain in between the shoulder blades. I get this too but i also get terrible head pains in the base of my skull and top of my neck which feel like electric shocks (a bit like when you bang your funny bone...only not funny!!!). I usually vomit also when I get these pains. I really dont feel that they are migraines as i experience clasic migraines also and these are different. Does anyone else get these types of head pains. They are made worse by moving or starining (even going to the loo).

I feel very low at the moment and could do with some advice.



fibroprof - April 13

I've been looking for someone else who gets electric-like pulses and although mine aren't as painful as yours (I've had classic migrains in the past too), I find them very very distracting and if they were to be as difficult as yours (they are getting more frequent and more severe) I wouldn't be able to function. What are they?


Ann-Marie - April 14

I'm not sure what they are. I have been told that i have a small disk bulge in my neck but that they (the doctors) dont know if this is the cause. I wondered if it was a fibro thing.


fibrofix - April 14

Has anyone discussed the site on this board? I am so so skeptical of this type of hokey stuff, but to take tums and a decongestant wasn't expensive or dangerous, and so, I went out yesterday and bought musinex, sudafed pe and tums. In two hours my fibrofog and my electric shock dizziness (those constand pulses that sometimes make my knees buckle) were diminished. I had a clearer head for the rest of the day and wasn't all wiped out like I usually am. I woke up today with the usual electric pulses (mine aren't painful, just disorienting, but I too feel like it is best described as an electric shot followed by a brown out type feeling). I took more musinex and sudafed pe and I'll check in with you around 11AM and tell you if I am a clearer head again today.

Do you have night sweats?


fibroprof - April 14

I signed in as fibrofix, and I should've as fibroprof on that last post. Ooops. Head still spinning at 9:20. Pulse pulse.


mamaws3angels - April 23

My headaches are behind my ears and are very painful. I have been treated for migraines and shingles as the doctor thought that was what was causing my pain, but they didn't work. I get "tingling" on the left side sometimes, is this what ya'll are calling "shocks"? Musinex isn't a decongestant it's a medicine that helps loosen chest mucous so you can expectoate it. Are you
SURE all of this works or do you want it to work so bad you think it does? I am so skeptical of "quick fix" remedies.


fibroprof - April 23

I'm sure I feel better, but no I'm not at all sure that the mucinex did it. I too am highly skeptical. Mucinex and Phenelephrine (spelling?) are recommended on this site. Mucinex is as you say an expectorant, sudafed pe is the decongestant. I had no side effects and after a week of taking them AS IF I had a simple cold or allergy, I lost the dizzy/electric shock feeling in my head. I had been so affected by the dizziness and the pulsing from my head to my fingertips that I couldn't drive.

OF COURSE, it could be a coincidence that I felt better. And by the way, I know that you can get dizzy from congestion, but this feeling I'm describing was not a head cold. No way.

Again, proof is not at all what I claim. But I'm better and it didn't hurt.


Wendy - May 31

I get the electric shock symptoms on my head, just behind my right ear... I dont suffer from migraines..all that happens is the shock comes out of the blue which makes me jump...i dont know what it is!


Dona - June 5

I live with a rarity. A husband with fibromyalgia and migrains. In the past we have tried the gammut from neurontin, cardiac meds and psycotropics. The zingers you all describe may be neurological from the narrowing of the outlet around your atlas/axis. I found a great artical about this. I'll find it and come back and post your site. Part of the shoulder tightening and neck pain forces your sinuses to slam shut. The musinex and sudafed relieve this. So no your not immagining things,this process really takes place. I say prayers and feel great empathy for all of you. I'll try to get back soon with that web site regarding the constriction of your atlas/axis. With love,Dona


Deb Fitzgibbons - June 24

My 13 year old daughter has been reporting what
she calls "shock headaches" in the night. They
are unpredictable, wake her, and then she is
unable to fall back asleep. We thought, perhaps
they were hormonal.
Any understanding of this would be helpful.
She had extensive medical evaluations. On June
27th she will be evaluated by the Fibromyalgia and
Chronic Fatigue Clinic in Denver.


sue - August 4

Donna what you describe with the pinching of the neck and shoulders is exactly what I have. I have had this along with a "deep sinus infection" for about 2 months. Sometimes I get so dizzy that I feel like I am about to fall over. Then the feeling goes away. I also had the headaches, but eventually found that they were from the flonase that was prescribed with the allegra. I have continued the allegra, but still have many occasions with pressure in my head along with the tightness in the back of the neck. I would very much like to read the article on the atlas/axis if you can find it. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.


nottap - August 10

I think those electric shocks are adrenolin rushes. I read that in Fibromyalgia Survivor's Handbook. Taking a Stress B Complex has almost made them go away. I was glad to find out what was causing them. Now it all makes sense. It is because our neurotransmitters in the brain do not regulate themselves like normals.


tonyab1838 - August 11

It is great to know that I am not alone! I have had electrical shocks in my arms, neck and head. Feels like I stuck my finger in a light socket. It's not constant but when I get really bad I feel them in short but powerful increments. I was down for 3 days a couple of weeks ago, it even went into my left ear and up the side of my head but only on the left side. Take care and God bless!


jamie bennett - August 16

i have been getting electric shock pains in my head, only when i start to nod of at nights, these seem to effect my teath in some way and i wake up straight away! any ideas?


[email protected] - August 20

Please helpl me my Husband has Emphysema and he has the same shock to his neck and head he is already taking Musinex for the congestion would the sudafed help him stop the shooting pain he has


angie - September 10

I have fybro and suffered with migraine for many years recently had two electrical type headaches actually felt like i was being electrocuted, terrifying and painful. If you have had this type of headache then you know it. Personally think it is relaed to the fybro.


Doreen - April 15

I had the same pain it lasted 2 weeks. No pain killer helped. Finally i WENT FOR ACUPUNCTURE AND THERPY. The pain is gone from that area.



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