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electric shock headaches
42 Replies
Doreen - April 15

I had the same pain it lasted 2 weeks. No pain killer helped. Finally i WENT FOR ACUPUNCTURE AND THERPY. The pain is gone from that area.


mary - April 17

I get what a call a ziggy feeling, like electricity in my head and dizziness. doctors just say .....hummmmmmmmmm.


Renee - April 21

I too get the electric impulses. I get sick and usually vomit and my musles get weak. I am so weak for days after it. I just lay down and take it easy for a while usually a day.


Jean - April 23

I'm not going to guess about your situation. Headaaches are caused by different things i the body and it would be wise to maybe se a doctor and take a CTR scan to during the preocess of elimination according to your symtoms.


Pam - May 2

Ann-Marie: I too experience migraines and guess what? I have different types of migraines including a drawing sensation on both sides of my head that started up about 2 years ago. My doctor said it was migraine and I didn't believe him, because it wasn't the same stabbing pain with nausea that I usually get on the left side of my head. I took my migraine med and the headache stopped, so it was migraine. As we get older, I am learning that migraines can change in their intensity and symptoms. Moving around iand your headache getting worse is one of the symptoms of migraines. Try a calcium/magnesium supplement and see if it helps. I do have the electric shock feeling, but, I would think it could be possible. I am praying for you to get some relief right now.


colleen - July 22

Hello Anne-Marie...I get these real sharp shooting pains in my head.They start at my temple and go through the top of my head.They only last a few seconds but are very painful.Afterwards the blood vessels pop or something and my eye turns into what looks like a big blood blister.I don't know what this is as I get regular migraines too that do not do that to my eyes.I need to see a nerologist but I have no insurance.So it is hard to see all the different kinds of dr.'s I need.I am going to mention it to my gp but I don't know if he will be able to tell me anything.I recently applied for disability in the hopes of getting medicare or something.I know this is a long process though and may not get anything,but I figure it is worth a try.I don't know if this head shock is due to the fibro or not.Good Luck to you.


Margaret - August 21

I need advice too. Get elctric shock spot headaches usually behind left ear 10 to 20 seconds long. Also had a week of dizziness a couple weeks ago. Am under a lot of stress due to husband's cancer. Stress too much?


Newf - September 6

Last week I started getting these electric shocklike pains behind my right ear...went 3 days and finally had to go to the doc, doc says that the nerve is inflammed and now Im waiting for my blood tests to come back and also had xrays on my skull...kinda freaked out here, they put me on pain killers and also on something to kill the infection, started them 2 days ago but havent helped any....this pain has been constant every 30-40 seconds for the last 6 days...anyone have this??????


smo3b - February 19

I have had electric shocks in my head off and on for 20 years. Each episode lasts longer than the previous one and the time period between episodes is getting shorter. I finally was diagnosed with gall stones and had my gallbladder removed. It was severley infected and full of sludge. In my case these electric shocks were a result of an underlying infection. Blood tests never revealed the possibility of gall stones since the gall stones were so tiny and there was a lot of sludge in my gall bladder. Last week the electric shocks started again, 10 months after my surgery. I suspect the sludge is causing an infection in my biliary ducts. I have a burning sensation in my mid section right below my ribs and a pain under my right shoulder blade. Of course the ER couldn't do anything since my blood tests were negative! This always has to start over a long weekend. I hope to find more out tomorrow and hope I can get an ultrasound done to confirm.


Sickofthis - February 21

I had the same thing happen to me. After going to the emergency 3 times, and a CT scan, one doctor diagnosed me with occipital neuralgia. Basically, it can be caused by a cervical nerve being pinched in the neck. Treatment includes massages. When I feel the pain coming on, I just massage my neck to try to unblock the nerve, it usually works. The pain I used to get would not go away with any meds.


summer1 - March 19

Hiya,yes i get electric type sensations to in the head and they are extremely painful but mine are usually with tingling and numbness to.


summer1 - March 21

This is exactly what i get,terrible pains in shoulder blades,neck and head then followed by painful electric shock sensations in the sides and back of head,sometimes with tingling and numbness,i have severe whiplash though from a car accident and had fibro for 2 years.Hope this helps xx


loulouxx88 - December 16

"I get the electric shock symptoms on my head, just behind my right ear... I dont suffer from migraines..all that happens is the shock comes out of the blue which makes me jump...i dont know what it is!"

Hi Wendy - did you ever find out what these pains are? I have the exact same problem - sharp electric shock like pain behind my right ear but no other symptoms - it's happened about 6 times in the last few weeks & i'm starting to get worried... The pain only comes once apart from a couple of weeks ago there were 3 shocks in a row & almost felt like I was having a seizure.


fibrocat - December 23

Have you told your doctor about these?
and do you take paxil?I use to take paxil and if i didnt have my meds for afew days this would happen, the electric shocks in teh brain, it means it need the antidepressent(paxil), if you are taking it that is and only if you havent had it for afew days.There are other antidepressents that do teh same thing, nurons are fireing off in your brain, see a specialist, or ask your pain managment team or doctor..ok? dont let this go any further.
be well live well and blessed be!
april maier


fibrocat - December 23

If you guys are having sever neck pain, please get a cervical MRI and see if you have the disease 'spondylosis'.I do.
as I said before the electical shocks in the head is caused by lack of antidepressents, its what happend to me when i was taking the drug "paxil"\I am on lexipro now and I am telling you folks, its the best i have ever had so far, with no side effects...depression in all of us is common with sever pain, i also have Rythmatoid Arthritus in my body, so with the fibro(muscle pain) and the R.A.(joint pain) it really does suck.My prayers are with you all.


toots2889 - December 25

I to suffer from these shocks! Mine are on the left side and are pretty regular. Ive asked my nurologist and he doesnt know either. I also get to the point of getting sick.
When I go to drs. and they do the foot test on the bottom of your feet I get that sick vomitting feeling, and light headed. They cant explain that to me either. Does anyone else get that way on that test?
I to suffer from migraines and my doc put me on topamax 2 times a day and my migraines are pretty controlled. Otherwise I would suffer migraines on a regular basis.



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