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Embarrassing...anal/vaginal itching burning
24 Replies
valjoy - August 23

Girls, get checked out for Lichen Sclerosus, there is a cream for it and it will help. I have been told for 2-1/2 years that there is nothing wrong with me and it is all stress, nerves, watch the diet, sugars, acids etc.... but it was not that at all, it is LS. The Dr. will be able to check you out!


jrzgirl1 - August 25

I have the same problem, usually worse at night


cincin - August 28

With my fibro I noticed that I seemed sensitive to more things.It's a simple thing to rule out. I found a different laundry soap that does not make me itch and if I can hang my laundry to dry. I don't use any fabric softeners or sheets because when I sweat I would get little rashes and itchiness. Took about a month to stop and haven't had a problem since. Good luck


Tina1986 - October 3

My anus was itching for years before I found out that it was Pruritus Ani. After trying several different creams and diets, I discovered Pranicure ointment online. It's slightly expensive ($40 plus shipping) but the relief it gave me was outstanding and way better than hydrocortisone. Pranicure will stop you from itching and once that happens then you can allow the area to heal, which is key to the itch not returning. It's definitely worth a shot!


Ronni KameKona - November 24

WHAT WORKS FOR ME is: Village naturals THERAPY: Aches + Pains Muscle Relief HAND & BODY LOTION Euclyptus - Wintergreen + Menthol. I used to buy it at walmart they stopped carrying it. I now order ONLINE I type the full title with "buy" in front: [Buy Village naturals THERAPY: Aches + Pains Muscle Relief HAND & BODY LOTION Euclyptus - Wintergreen + Menthol] Several options pop up. I choose Walgreens; I opened an account with them "Register" and buy 2 bottles at a time. The Eucalyptus is a healing ingredient combined with the other two it accelerates healing and promptly puts an END to the "itch" issue. THE COST: 2 Items total: $11.98 Shipping: $5.99 Sales tax: $1.65 Grand Total:$19.62 balance on this order: Very reasonable! I use a disposable hospital glove on my right hand and then vigorously apply the lotion to the troubled area, then throw the glove away and go about my day normally. The relief is instantaneous. I recommend this product for all dry and itchy skin issues, too. GREAT BUY!!!


Ronni KameKona - November 24

The Village naturals Therapy Aches + Pains Muscle Relief Hand + Body Lotion Eucalyptus - Wintergreen + Menthol is fabulous Just before bedtime. If you hot shower before bedtime, then apply the lotion to the anal rectum area it stops the itch promptly and soothes the area with healing relief helping you fall asleep comfortably.


sandra142 - December 23

Do you know what makes your anal itching to flare-up:

• Anal itching is caused by irritating chemicals present in foods and beverages you eat, like the spices, hot sauces, and peppers.
• It is also been caused due to irritation of continuous moisture in the anus from the frequent liquid stools. Moisture gradually raises the possibilities of infection of the anus, especially in patients of diabetes or HIV.

Well to treat it well you must try out some home remedies first and then approach for medicinal treatment. For treating anal itching naturally and instantly just check out the following link:


sandra142 - January 10

Do you what makes your anal itching to flare-up:
• Hygiene - too much or too little
• Skin irritants - such as soaps
• Skin conditions - such as dermatitis and psoriasis
• Anal or rectal disorders - piles, and anal fistulas and fissures, for example
• Infections - including parasitic and sexually transmitted
• Systemic (entire body) medical conditions - including aplastic anemia, diabetes, inflammatory bowel disease, jaundice, leukemia, lymphoma, and thyroid disease
• Foods - dietary irritants, such as chilli peppers
• Drugs - including chemotherapy, colchicine, neomycin, and quinidine

Avoid these mentioned things if you too facing anal itching:


valjoy - January 10

Hi Sandra, I have recently found out I have Lyme Disease so that could be the problem with the burning bowel, I have found that dermatitis and psoriasis cream does help though also keeping to a strict Gluten Free diet really helps. Sugar free diets also.



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