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Fatigue, Dizziness & Tingling
68 Replies
sweetater - July 10

I am 33 years old I have had fibro for 12 years now it is a never ending process I have dizzy almost fainting spells they have checked everything on me and nothing comes back .. fibro can do so many things to us that noone knows i get the tingling in my head and face fingers and feet i get knots on my shoulders and my mid back and lower back aches like i got a severe case of the flu somedays it is like it is so hard to put one foot in front of the other .. i hope this helps cause i really thought there was something seriously wrong with me when i got these fainting spells but i dont pass out it is like my shoulders are tired of holding up my head .. take care..


summer1 - March 21

Hi guys,i have had tingling and numbness in my head,face,hands,feet and tongue for 2 years and just be diagnosed with fibro.At first the drs thought it was ms but i have had clear blood tests,2 clear brain scans and a clear spinal scan.For those of you who are worried about ms,please be reasured your symptoms could be fibro or something else.xx


DarleneWatts - July 16

i am a 31 year old female... have 3 kids aged 13, 9, and 4 months old plus two step kids aged 12 and 8. I have a tingling in my left leg from my thigh to my knee and sometimes in my lower back... back pain... a dull ache on the left side of my chest, feels like its just under the breast... sometimes numbness in my left arm.. and have had some dizziness... Could these symptoms be cause by stress? i have been experiencing them for the past two years off and on... I have not see a doctor yet and will see one after reading this website... some of these symptoms come and go after long periods of time


kathleen Paterson - July 16

I have suffered for the last 3 years with tingling all over my body even on my tongue , constnt headaches, dizziness,I have a constant weight all over my body and have fybromyalgia
I had an episode like this ,weird sensations around 15 years ago , when I had a lumber punture to rule out ms , which it did .
I know how it feels having to wait for tests it certainly makes symptoms worse
hopefully your tests will be clear
take care kathy


lilith02100 - December 22

did you ever figure out whatyour problem was im 27 with the same thing happening to me and my dr wants to check for MS im really scared and freaking out about it and its causing me not to be able to sleep!


axxie - January 20

Hey I had the same symptoms, went to two neuro and got tested for MS. Low and behold don't have ms, what I have is FM. It's part of the testing, they have to rule out other ails, because of the common symptoms. MY MRI showed that I had MS, so for awhile we were talking MS, then went through the testing and when the band didn't show up in in my spinal tap then we knew, we were into something that shares the same symptoms. It took me almost two years, before I finally had a doctor saying FMS. But my MRI still says MS. But have two neuro saying not MS but FMS. Good luck to you, I know it's daunting.


Joanj - June 30

I wanted to cry when I found this forum! I have been having tingling throughout my body, including my face and tongue for about 2 years. Went to neurologist, who did some testing and he said it wasn't MS or any sort of nerve disease that he knew of. Got a second opinion about 6 months ago and that neurologist said the same thing. No one ever talked to me about fibromyalgia. I don't have many of the symptoms of fibro but I do have the tingling which has now progressed to slight muscle weakness in my legs. I have another appointment with my neurologist in 2 weeks so am going to talk to him about fibro.


stevenCmoore11478 - July 16

I just googled my symptoms an ended up here. I am 31 year old male, w/Crohns' disease. SevereCrohns disease. I recently had surgery, removing my ENTIRE large colon, and EVERYTHING below it. THought I could FINALLy get off the opiates, but couldnt w/out help, so on my own accord, checked into a detox then rehab. I have 8mos. now, clean. I even went thru a fistula ?debresion? 2weeks ago, w/NO narcotics. Just a thing in the women givin birth,a epidural. I take Suboxone now, for the opiate cravings AND the little effect the opiate in it can give, WHILe having a opiate ANTAGONIST in it as well. It DOES help some. Im takin my meds properly, even had my dose yesterday, AND this morning, AN STILL IM having severe lol, um..'RUNS', like u would w/drawing. It makes NO sense, unless it's something else. I woke up over 5times last night, having to jump outta bed, an STAND an walk to get cramps out of feet an lower legs. So bad, you can See the musles contorting. Now, im passing out, into a DEEp sleep at only 10am! Legs hurt, unusually tired to point of passing out into deep sleep, but only for short periods, muscles in shoulders hurt too, and dizzy. I'm thinkin the leg cramps, are probably part of the aftereffects of severe loss of fluids in short time period. idk. Any answers?



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