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thintz - December 27

I am diagnosed with fibro...but have my doubts. I do have shifting body pain, but no headaches, no fatigue "at all". I can wake up early and still have energy all day long. Usually up until midnight. No lack of energy at all. Just widespread "on and off" body aches/pains.


January - December 27

Hi thintz. Have you checked into possible food allergies? And also, do you know about the auto-immune disease, celiac disease? That is something like an "allergy" or sensitivity to gluten, wheat, barley, rye and other cereal grains. If it is severe, it is called celiac disease. You can go for years with no symptoms, but these substances set up inflammation in your small intestine and you don't absorb nutrients properly. It gets worse over time and leads to many different problems in later life. The only treatment is a gluten free diet, and that is a very effective treatment if started early enough.

The American medical system, in general, knows nothing about celiac disease, though there is some growing awareness. Most often, they diagnose it as a disease of diarrhea in children. However, lots of adults have some degree of gluten sensitivity (meta-analysis shows it may be 1 in 7) - and the symptoms in adulthood can be strange, things like widespread muscle pain, bone pain, diseases that can be traced to vitamin deficiencies, various auto-immune diseases, etc. Some authors link gluten sensitivity to diabetes, vitiligo, early menopause, fertility problems, prematurely gray hair… all kinds of things. If you put Gluten in the search box on the right, you can access our previous discussions.

I had the typical overall flu-like body aches every morning, on top of other fibro symptoms and severe pain. I read an article about a man who had gone 30 years with chronic pain and many different diagnoses… until he finally found out he had celiac disease. He went on the diet and cured his pain. So I tried the diet, and I never did a diet in my life before that, but I was desperate. It helped me a LOT - especially with the widespread body pain.

I don't know if that is what's wrong with you, but you might check into it. Fibromyalgia is not really a specific "disease" that is easily diagnosed and treated - as I guess you are finding out! It is a "syndrome" and that means it is a cluster of symptoms that tend to occur together. Usually fibromyalgia people have some, but not all symptoms, but the type of symptoms vary among people. I think there are various causes for the various symptoms. If you only have one symptom, you are fortunate. Try to find the root cause of it and treat it. You might get better.

And one more thought. Are you taking any fibro drugs? Or any other drugs, like statins, or others than can cause body pains? In my opinion, sometimes the drugs that are prescribed for this disease can cause body aches and pains. Quitting them is NOT EASY. There's a lot of information online about how horrible the withdrawals are. Hope you get some suggestions to help you figure out what's wrong. I tend to agree with you, you might not have fibro at all. Lucky you!



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