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February in Chicago equals horrific pain for me
2 Replies
iliveinpain - February 28

I noticed the same thing at this same time last year. I remember because I was in such agony this time last year my whole extended family dynamic fell apart. It was due to such severe pain that the holidays almost killed me and I said that was my last big event at my house, I couldn't do it anymore. They didn't understand and just started calling me lazy. It was because of such pain that I just felt I couldn't function anymore. I've noticed it's the same thing again right now. I've just been living in hell for weeks now, worse than usual. Much much worse. I guess it's the perfect storm of changing weather, cold, humidity that just is creating all kinds of havoc on my poor pain wracked body. Has anyone else been able to identify a particular time of year that makes your symptoms so much worse? I used to think it was the humdity in summer, which is also bad. OMG, this is so horrible. I went for a massage over the weekend, and got some relief but now it's like I was never in for a massage at all. I did a hot soak in my whirlpool last night. The only time I'm not in pain from head to toe is when I'm submerged in that wonderful hot water. ah, the horror of this all... sorry for the vent, just really super depressed and so tired of it all already. I was almost crying last night and asking why I deserve this, why do any of us deserve this :(


January - February 28

Yes, I can really relate. Last winter was horrible. This winter seemed equally bad, and lots of people have said this winter was worse for their aches and pains, because we had a lot of changing weather. Winter's not good for getting exercise either! I never tolerated cold, my muscles tense up in it. Do much better when it's warm.

I noticed years ago that changing weather - and barometric pressure - brought on migraines. Now it's a whole body migraine. It's bad when the wind gets going, and there you are in the Windy City! It's exhausting when you hurt like that. I hope your family will get a clue and help you out!

Can you add some epsom salts to that hot water soak?

In fibro heaven, we all get a massage and acupuncture every day! For free! Hope you feel better soon.


Sandybeach - February 28

I can relate to how your"e feeling right now and as i was told on here last week keep venting it does us good :),as i was really bad last week and received lots of help and advice from other users.Yes this winter as of last year has been so tough for us all i think,my flare up lasted about 7 weeks over christmas time too,so were all alike.Humidity as a lot to do with our pain.I been using Arnica gel is good for me nice n cooling n relaxing on my back.Here in the uk has been bad weather too since last Novemeber,i just want the spring and summer to hurry up and arrive at least we can sit outside,anyway chin up and try to smile even tho you may not want to.Were all here for you and get each other through our bad times :)we can make it now we made it through the hardest bit.take care xxxxxxxxx



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