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Feet/ Achilles tendons hurt ......
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mimosette - August 21

..... "like rip", as my Mamaw says ?
My feet hurt off and on, the balls of my feet, my heels, and my Achilles tendons . Pretty badly.

I went to a foot dr years ago (before I knew about the fibro), and he had me see a PT, the massages would hurt so badly I actually threw up once, and finally quit going because nothing helped.

When I am going to be on my feet a lot, I wear Crocs. That does seem to help somewhat, but DANG they are fugly.I swore I would never let a pair of those fashion disasters touch my feet, but here I am, owning 2 pairs. Oh wait! I forgot the Croc flipflops! so that makes 3 pairs.

It's not a fat thing, my feet hurt like this when I was very skinny, and it's not from lack of stretching, they did this when I was into big time yoga and working out and properly stretching on a slantbox.

So, reckon I can just chalk this, too, up to Auntie Fibro? Since it really seems to come and go randomly?


Fantod - August 22

Hello mimosette - Yes, this is yet another "perk" of FMS. You probably have (drum roll please) Plantar Fascitis which is common among people with FMS. I'd suggest you see a podiatrist with a sports medicine background. I bet the first thing he says is get rid of the Crocs. Flip flops or any shoe without a heel is particularly bad with this condition.

I have had it myself and now have permanent tendon damage because I could not get in to see the doctor for weeks. It was one of the worst things that I have ever experienced in terms of pain. I was ready to amputate my foot myself.

Take care and have a good weekend.


mimosette - August 24

I live in Alabama. My feet would burst into flames in a full shoe. I wear flipflops year round unless there is ice on the ground.
I have tried on every flipflop made, and Rocketdog makes some pretty good ones with arch supports and lots of cushioning. I do ok when I wear those. (unless I'm in New Orleans or somewhere that requires 12 hours of walking)
The foot dr I saw was a sports med specialist....his solution was for me to have Pt, and wear custom insoles so thick I had to wear them with hightop sneakers. I looked like I was going to bust a hiphop move at any moment.
Tonight I got my trusty grain filled heat pad, microwaved it, and put my feet on that. Felt LOVELY !


Fantod - August 26

mimosette - I'm right with you on the summer/warm weather fashion statement. And, I get busted for it every time I go in to have my orthotics adjusted. I have to take Mobic every day because of the tendon damage.

It sounds like the Dr. you saw did a very poor job on the orthotics. I have two pairs and neither of them look like that. For my sneakers, I have to pull out the insole to make room. I also have a pair of dress orthotics for fancy shoes. They are quite thin and work in most of my dress shoes.

If you are happy in your flipflops - more power to you. I always wear a well build sandal wherever possible to try and alleviate some of the problems that a backless shoe can cause. Take care.



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