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fibro & ms is it possible
5 Replies
trish - September 30

I have been diag with ms in 2003. I have veryt much pain & stiffness,IBS, I have teder points more than 11, I suffer chronic dizzinesss, fatigue, deep muscle pain, chemical sensativity. can you have ms & fibro, does fibro cause any of the abnormal mri finding, like lesions as does ms, does it cause raised immflammation markers in the blood & or csf?


[email protected] - September 27

You were diagnosed having MS in 2003 with an MRI of the brain, I take it , which showed lesions. MS is an imflammatory disease and it will raise the inflamation markers. CFS, I beleive is Chronic Fatigue Syndrome. This also comes with FMS sometimes as well as Myofascial Pain Syndrome. Yes, I believe you can have both but MS and FMS run parrellel to each other symptomatically wise. The difference between the two are MS does not repair and you lose use of certain capabilities. FMS is dibilitating in it's own right but you don't lose total use of your body like with MS. With FMS there is no test to take to determine the diagnosis, you have to rely on your medical records and what a Rheumatologist finds who diagnosis this condition. I feel you should discuss all this with your primary care physician so you won't worry so much not knowing which causes stress which will flare your MS and FMS symtoms and you don't want that to happen. If I can help any more let me know. Best Wishes and stay strong.


trish - September 27

TY Jean for your reply, I also have tmj, some arthir, sinus probs, allergies, high blood pressure, positional vertigo, menieres to a degree, I could go on. I will when I go to my dr next month for my check up ask him about fms and see what he can do about a referral to a rhematolagist. tc, [email protected]


Jean - September 28

Hi Trish. Glad I could shed some light. Got your e-mail, keep in touch and let me know how things go with you. I also have questions about MS. TTYL :)


HI jEAN - September 30

hi, feel free to email me anytime if you have questions about ms. tc, trish


Anne - September 30

trish, i'm glad to know it's not just me!
i have arthritis, sinus, asthma, migrain, plant allergy, severe food allergy along with my FMS. I'm glad it's not just me like that, i am labeled as 'wierd' by friends cause of this, and they tell me i actually have nothing wrong with me, i just say i do to get out of schoolwork. It really hurts me when this happens, but i guess i shouldn't let it get to me this much.



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