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Fibro and Sudden Sensorineural heading loss
7 Replies
jodik - June 25

I thought I some some posts of people who have experienced SSHL and they also have fibro. If you have, please respond to this thread because 6 weeks ago, I went deaf in my left ear and got vertigo really bad and the ENTs are telling me I have SSHL and won't get my hearing back. I've had fibro since 1998, when I was diagnosed wondering if there's a link. Anyone? Thanks JOdi


Pikespeak - June 25

Hi Jodik,
I have had ringing in my ears since the time of my first flare. No one has been able to tell me why/what happened...and now I do have a slight hearing loss in one ear. The ENT said the ringing is the symptom but not the cause. He told ne to turn on a radio for backround noise if the ringing bothers me...I never went back or asked anyone else to help me figure this out. I'll be interested to hear what others have to say!


January - June 25

Interesting… I had a sudden attack of severe vertigo about a decade ago. Woke up one morning, and still lying down, it felt like a snap in the back of my head/neck. When I tried to sit up, I kept falling over. The room was spinning. Someone got me to my MD/acupuncturist who treated me for it - rather well too. But for quite some time (5 years, maybe more?) I've had occasional ringing in my ears, and I believe I have a slight hearing loss in one if not both ears. Sometimes it "feels" like one ear goes really quiet and then the ringing starts. It's not constant or enough to be a problem though, so haven't bothered to check it out….

Another fibro symptom? Good grief, this never ends…. but thanks for this information!


fibromite.u.k. - June 25

I had SSHL in my right ear happen suddenly in August 2009. It has been a dreadful experience. I was at the computer when my hearing just suddenly went. As I have had a lot of problems with my left ear since childhood, I was rather surprised but thought it was yet another infection, but this time in my right ear.

To cut a very long story short, I was eventually diagnosed with SSHL. I was given an MRI scan to check for tumors etc, thank goodness none was found. However, learning to live with hearing loss has been very difficult, especially so as music has always been such a big thing in my life, but it doesn't have the pleasure it used to have, as everything now sounds flat and I can't tell where a sound is coming from. My ENT specialist said that I will never get my hearing back in that ear and that I should have been given steriods and anti-viral tablets as soon as it happened and it may have saved my hearing. However, my doctor didn't send me to the hospital quickly enough for that to happen.

I now feel awkward when in the company of several people as I can't understand what is being said when there are lots of voices speaking at once, i.e. in a restuarant or at church etc. To begin with it also affected my balance, but that seems to have sorted itself out now.

I don't know if it is connected to fibromyalgia or not, but it seems possible.


Pikespeak - June 26

Thank you for telling your story Fibromite! It is good to know what to do in case it happens to one of us!


January - June 26

I googled SSHL and got a pretty informative site through nidcd/nih. There is a link on the right of their page to experimental treatments for SSHL.

Good to know about all the different causes for this! And most people do recover.


mypain - June 29

My issues are that I simple cannot hear anyone if they are not facing me. I have learned to tune out a lot in if those things are going on....I can't hear the person standing in front of me!!



kerrygold - July 1

Crikey, I was diagnosed with Menieres (sp) desease about 6 months ago, it started with tinitus and then I had several attacks of vertigo with vomiting. Is this another symptom of FMS? and maybe not Menieres? This forum is so helpful and I am constantly learning about this condition, which helps me to live with it (lol)



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