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Fibro Fog
5 Replies
lmd177 - August 1

Hello, I am new to this site and I am just wondering if anyone has experienced the "Fibro Fog" (That's what my doctor refers to it). When I am set out to do something and I forget what I was set out to do. I start sentences and can't finish them. I forget where I put things. I feel like it happens more and more. Any thoughts?


Jocelyn - August 1

Many people on this site have experienced the "Fibro Fog." Please use the blue google search field and put in Fibro Fog. You should be able to find many post describing what you are feeling.


lmd177 - August 1

Thank you so much!


January - August 2

I have a friend who has noticed some quick improvement in brain fog by taking supplements recommended for thyroid problems - she's taking kelp and selenium. I take those too, and they make me feel better over all. But you have to take these supplements in SMALL doses.

I've recently read there are two types of hypothyroidism - one is easily diagnosed with blood tests. The other type really originates in the pituitary gland, and the blood tests come back normal every time. Most doctors tell you you're fine if the bloodwork is fine. NOT TRUE. So maybe a naturopath could test your saliva for thyroid levels? Or an endocrinologist could help you, if you have other symptoms of low thyroid.

If you don't have a medical background, it is always good to find some type of medical person - a nutritionist, a naturopath, an alternative practitioner, a nurse - who will work with you and make sure you don't hurt yourself. Anything you put in your body can act like a drug. Foods cause allergies - supplements can cause problems too. It's best to get a good physical workup, with bloodtests before you start dosing yourself with supplements - and if you do, make sure you know what you are doing, or have someone who does understand medicine.

Your doctor should try and figure out what is causing the fibro fog, so ask about testing to try to find a cause. Don't let him/her just brush it off as "fibromyalgia," that's baloney. You should get a good blood workup and be checked you for several things. Are you taking any new medications? Antidepressants? Some drugs can give you brain fog. Have you had a viral illness recently? There is something called postviral fatigue that can bring brain fog with it. Have you been tested for any lingering viral illnesses? You might want to start there. Google Dr. Dan Dantini - he talks about viruses and brain fog.


pbasler - August 3

I have had complete blood workups over the 20 years I have been seeing my neurologist who treats my fibr0. He was actally at the medical conference in which they established fibromyalgia as an official disorder,remains cutting edge in his is knowledge and treatment of it and believes in alternative types of treatment. (Many patients fly into Dallas from around the world to see him.) While it's true that medications, viruses, other illnesses, foods, etc. can cause fibro-fog, please don't diminish that it definitely can be a true side-effect of having fibro. A Fibromyalgia Network article stated that researchers believe they have zeroed in on at least one its causes: not enough of a neurotransmitter that aides in the retrieval of short term memories in the frontal lobes, resulting in deminished cognitive abilities. I was a victim of so many doctors who either didn't accept fibro as a diagnosis or, minimized it and who's only treatment was to RX anti-depressants, which I refused. I would say to anyone with fibro-fog to consider all the possibilies, including this one. Just something to consider...


January - August 3

Hi pbasler - You are correct, of course, there can be many causes for brain fog. I just hate to see someone blame it on fibro and not do diagnostic testing for other issues.

I'm appalled with the rampant overuse of antidepressant drugs which target neurotransmitters - they are heavy medicine, and can have very serious consequences for some people. Most doctors just throw these drugs at you to see what happens, and many are NOT educated about side effects or withdrawals (which can mimic fibromyalgia symptoms). Has a doctor ever tested you to see what your neurotransmitter levels are? I was never tested, but had plenty drugs thrown at me. I blame my brain fog on the use of those drugs. The last time I researched this, there were no reliable physical tests available for neurotransmitters. There was controversy as to whether blood tests adequately reflect what is going on in the brain. I have not heard of new tests yet, but I could be behind the curve since I haven't read the recent research. I would really like to know what you found out and hope you'll share it with us.

You don't say what the doctor in Dallas is doing to treat fibro-fog. I'd be interested, if he is having success! I'm sure lots of people who would like to know.

Also, do you know which neurotransmitter they were talking about with regard to short term memories in the frontal lobes? I'd like to google for more information on that. Thanks! : )



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