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fibro fog
8 Replies
denjen - March 4

Any suggestions on how to improve fibro fog? I will forget words in conversations. It drives me crazy and is embarrassing when talking to new people. I feel like I am coming across as flaky. I also have zero attention span. My kids go crazy because I repeat myself constantly.


tinosgirl - March 4

I too suffer from Fibro fog. I have lost about 200 words of my vocabuary. I see something, know what it is, and cannot bring the word to my mouth. It is very frustrating. Focusing at work is difficult too. Things that I did automatically I have to write lists to remember. Very sad.


January - March 5

I have a theory that memory problems like this are linked to use of certain antidepressants. Are you in that category? Could this be a side effect? I know those drugs wiped my brain!


kvc33 - March 5

I've been taking ropinerole, a dopamine agonist for about five and a half years. I am trying to come off of it and have had severe memory loss when I tried to quit cold turkey. Because of that, I now have a theory that low dopamine is involved with memory loss.


January - March 5

I'd add that the SSRIs and the SNRIs wipe your memory. They don't really "cure" depression - they're sort of like chemical shock therapy. I wouldn't go near them again.


denjen - March 5

I have a really awesome doctor who is very open to suggestions and willing to do what will make me feel better. I have been on Cymbalta, Lyrica, Savella, Celexa, Neurontin, and am now currently taking Wellbutrin. I feel better pain wise sometimes but the memory issue is awful. I tried to get off the meds and couldn't even function. I have to take an antidepression, if I don't I can feel myself slipping. I told the doc I feel like I should be on a med for dementia or Alzheimer.


January - March 6

Hi denjen - there are some threads about the horrible symptoms of withdrawal and how long they last when you do try to get off the meds. I finally got off them. Wellbutrin did me in - I thought I was going to die on that stuff. That was the end of it for me. The gluten free diet fixed my depression but it took a while! I really liked Peter Breggins's book Your Drug May Be Your Problem. VERY good!

But - I also understand, if you need the drug to function you need it. I took them for years before I gave up on them. I just wish I had my brain back the way it was before I started them!

It makes sense to me that the drug companies are making SO much money on these drugs that we have to take forever… why would they bother trying to cure anything? They'd lose all that revenue. I think you said it elsewhere, and I agree - the cure has to come from us. We'll figure it out somehow. Just like the Lyme Disease people had to fight to get answers. Cheers.


denjen - March 6

Thanks everyone. I appreciate the comments and knowledge.


Cher0208 - March 8

The fog is embarrassing for me as well. I'm 26 and I ask the same questions, don;t retain nothing of the information that I read. Especially about Fibro. I'm reading this great book, Reversing Fibromyalgia and when I try to relay what I read to my boyfriend I sound like an idiot. I can only remember bits and pieces but not enough to mean anything. It definitely makes me look stupid or like I fried all my brain cells especially at work when my boss says "Did you call so and so?" And I'm totally blank. Even if it was that same day I don't know who the hell I called unless I wrote it in my notebook. I want to go to college but feel like its a total waste of time if I cant retain anything. Unless I'm watching Housewives of Atlanta I have zero attention span as well. LoL. Caffeine helps a lot but has other side effects. I'm getting ready to meditate and hopefully bring some clarity to myself.



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